WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. NEVER use products containing any trace of THC, Vitamin E Acetate, or sold by unauthorized sellers.

Get Free Vape Juice

Free Vape Juice Sampler Giveaway

Simply pay for shipping and we'll send you a Sampler Vape Box for FREE! 🤯 You'll be getting at the very least, personalized 120 ml of e-liquid for FREE.

Free Vape Juice Sampler Giveaway

Simply pay for shipping and we'll send you a Sampler Vape Box for FREE! 🤯 You'll be getting at the very least, personalized 120 ml of e-liquid for FREE.

Free Sampler Vape Box

Sampler Plan

120ml of e-juice


$0/1st mo.

100% off your first month, just pay shipping! 😍

Vapebox Subscribers

Vapebox is giving away free vape juice

We are giving away free e juice! We are offering new customers a free sampler box when they sign up for our sampler subscription plan. This is the perfect way to discover your next favorite vape liquid.

It is called the Vapebox Sampler box, but these e liquids are not sample sized. Each bottle is full sized and ranges from 30ml-60ml. Take advantage of this sweet deal as supplies are limited!

Who are we?

Vapebox is an established subscription company and online store that was founded in 2013. We are based out of California, but ship to several different countries all over the world. We created Vapebox to help people make the switch to vaping without having to leave the comfort of their own home. Based on a customers vape preference, our curators fill their boxes with the best vape products for them and ship it directly to their door!

Our first Vapebox shipped in December of 2013 and we received exceptional feedback. Our team and customers have grown since then, and our mission to create perfectly curated boxes remains the same. We even have customers from when we first established Vapebox!

We are offering free vape juice samples because we are confident that vapers will love our personalized vape boxes. We want people to have the opportunity to try one of our boxes for free before fully committing to our subscription.

How does our free vape juice trial work?

Our free vape juice promotion works by signing up for our sampler plan. Our sampler plan comes with three bottles totaling 120ml of flavored e-liquids and a personalized menu.

  1. Fill out the form shown above. This will automatically apply the coupon code to whatever email you choose
  2. Next, press register and sign up for an account.
  3. The code should automatically be applied on the checkout page.

Our curators will customize your box with the best vape juice. The shipping fee is not included in this promotion, so a shipping fee of $7.30 will need to be paid in order to receive the free e liquids. We are only providing e-liquid samples, not an electronic cigarette. So if you do not have a sub-ohm vape kit or e-cigarettes then we suggest purchasing one beforehand.

Palate profile

Signing up for our free vape juice promotion is easy! We personalize all of our Vapeboxes to our subscribers vaping needs. So we will ask a series of questions in regards to vaping. First we want to know preferred flavors, at least three will need to be selected from the following list: candy, fruits, cereal, cream, bakery, custards, tea, menthol, yogurt, coffee, and tobacco. Next there is an option to add any flavors disliked, this is option. It is a long list of different specific flavors like strawberry, aloe, caramel, etc. Next we ask nicotine strength, customers can select from: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, and 6+mg. So for those that prefer a nicotine free vape then select 0mg. Users that select 6+mg prefer high strength e liquid, the highest we carry is 12mg. The last section is special requests, this section is optional to fill out. Our special requests section is the perfect place to enter any specific preferences like preferred e-liquid flavors, allergies, color preference for hardware, etc. We will try our best to accommodate any special requests, but we cannot make any guarantees due to our constantly changing stock levels.

These preferences can be adjusted at any time! So after receiving the first box, if there is a flavor a user no longer wants to receive then they can remove it or make any adjustments needed. Just make sure to make those changes before the next billing date.

Curation process

Our curators are able to see our subscribers palate profile when picking their e-juices. The process starts with an online approval. Curators will be able to select e-liquids from our inventory based on the subscribers palate. So if a subscriber has strawberry in their dislikes, then no strawberry e-juices will be displayed. They will also only be able to choose from their preferred flavor and nicotine strength. After the curators approve the orders, they gets sent to our warehouse to be picked, packaged, and then shipped out to the subscriber.

Following months

A Vapebox account is created when a person redeems the free e juice sampler promotion. So after one receives their box, they can review each product and receive VPBX points for reviewing. VPBX points can be saved up and be used exclusively in our online store. Reviewing products received also helps our curators learn more about what type of vapor the subscribers like and what they don't like in order to make future boxes better and more tailored to them. Leave the search for premium vape juice up to us!

Our site has an online chat service, our customer service representatives are there Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-4 p.m. pacific time to answer any questions or concerns our customers have. We highly encourage our subscribers to give us feedback on their boxes so our customer service representatives can fine tune their palate profile for them. Vapebox is a discovery subscription service so there will be incidents where our customers may not like an e-liquid in their box. Giving us feedback will allow our team sufficient info to help adjust anything on your palate profile so the next box is more tailored to their vape needs.

Cancelling/pausing is easy

The join date for the free ejuice samples will be your monthly recurring billing date. The first month of being on our sampler subscription is free. The regular price of the box is billed starting the 2nd month. Our sampler box is $20 a month, $27.30 with shipping.

If a customer no longer wishes to continue the subscription then they can cancel their plan. It's easy to do, just log into your account and go to subscription to cancel it. Or ask one of our representatives and they will do it for you. Subscribers have the option to skip a month if they wish to instead of cancelling. Having a subscription service can lead to an overflow of e-juice so we understand if a month needs to be skipped! Just ask one of our representative to help adjust your billing date to whatever date works best, or it can be done on the users dashboard.

Benefits of our free vape plan

Our sampler box promotion offers the first box 100 percent free, who doesn 't love free vape stuff? Another great thing about our subscription service is that we do not over stock on certain e-liquid brands. We pick up products from different premium e-liquid brands every month. We do this so our subscribers can try e-juices from top brands every month! Each brand we carry is tested by our staff to make sure we are only giving you the best. It 's an easy and cheap way to purchase new e-juice flavors monthly.

Our subscription boxes also save you the trip to the vape store. We curate boxes based on our subscribers vaping needs and we deliver it directly to them! Getting e-juices this way is cheaper than buying them in a retail store, so it is a win-win for our customers.

Signing up with Vapebox is more than just signing up for a subscription service, we are here to create the best vaping experience for our subscribers! We offer VPBX points to be redeemed in our store, we run a vape giveaway on our social media pages every month, run online store sales, and so much more.

Vapebox's other subscription plans

We have other plans aside from our sampler plan. We want customers to try our sampler box for free to get a good idea of what we have to offer.

  • Sampler plan: 90ml+ of e-liquid for $20 a month. First month free.
  • Juice Lovers plan: 180ml+ of e-liquid for $32 a month.
  • Enthusiast plan: 210ml+ of e-liquid plus 1-2 pieces of hardware and/or accessories for $60 a month.
  • Salt Nicotine Plan: 90ml of salt nicotine e-liquid for $35 a month.
  • Salt Nicotine Plus Plan: Combination of 4 salt nicotine products: salt nic e-juices, devices, pods, disposables, etc.

Those prices exclude the shipping fee. Our Enthusiast plan is the most popular plan because of the hardware aspect. Enthusiast subscribers typically receive tanks, RDAs, RTAs, regulated mods, and an accessory to go with it. What they receive depends on the users hardware preference.

Aside from our subscription, we also have an online vape store. Our online store is stocked with the best and newest 2019 products in the vape market. We carry all of the newest vape mods, e-juice bottles, and cheap sale items from all of the top brands in the industry. The best part is that our subscribers can use the VPBX points they have received from reviewing their boxes or referring their friends in our store!

Vapebox provides an easy way to buy 30ml bottles at wholesale pricing through our subscription. We want the process to be easy and convenient so you do not switch back to traditional cigarettes. Read our conditions or get in touch with our customer service team if you have any questions.

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