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Fate Maiz Dulce
Sweet-cream covered corn cake with a light caramel syrup finished with a generous scoop of Mexican vanilla bean ice cream.
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About Fate

FATE is a collaboration of several vapers, vaping rights activists, and entrepreneurs that have been at it since 2013. They believe this industry deserves nothing but the highest quality products. From their signature liquid line to their finely crafted mods, they stop at nothing to deliver a premium product. That is why they go the extra mile to painstakingly craft each product. In the end they all have one goal in mind; Global Harm Reduction. They believe that to achieve this goal they must adhere to the strictest of standards for quality control. Together, as a community we can change the world. The decisions they make place FATE in your own hands.
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What others are saying about Maiz Dulce by Fate

(3.8) (279 reviews)

"Okay flavor but the bottle having the funky cap was not my favorite" —

"Good flavor and was described well. Got great clouds with this juice, but the bottle is annoying and I wouldn't want to vape this all day." —

"It's different, but very good. Took a little to get used to it. It grew on me. The bottle design was annoying but it is what it is." —

"Oddly satisfying. Almost would be a good seasonal flavor. Flavor description on point." —

"Wow. This might beat One-Up's Churros & Strawberry Ice Cream for me. It might be my new favorite. I was extremely skeptical when I read what the flavor was. But it did not disappoint. It has a nice full, sweet, warm flavor. So good. Seriously, buy some." —

"I had high hopes for this when i received it but, its just not for me. i dont think the flavors fuse well together. 4/10" —

"good smooth flavor, would of preferred a normal dropper" —

"yummy flavor could vape it all day and probably the whole week bottle design made hard to fill tank but was ok for dripper" —

"really smooth great flavor and realy nice clouds. only thing i didn't like was the bottle design" —

"I really enjoyed this one. It was very smooth and had a sweet creamy flavor" —