Bad Drip Cereal Trip
Bad Drip Cereal Trip
Bad Drip

Cereal Trip

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Fruity cereal donut in milk

About Cereal Trip by Bad Drip

Conceived from the tear drops of crying clowns, Cereal Trip is your Daddy's favorite fruity cereal, slathered on top of a gooey frosted donut, drowning in a sugar-rich milk bath.


  • · Propylene Glycol
  • · Vegetable Glycerin
  • · Flavor Extract
  • · Nicotine (If applicable)
  • · Sweetener (If applicable)

About Bad Drip

Bad Minds/Good Intentions. The baddest juice line has officially dropped. The nectar of the gods, blended by twisted mixologists in Bad Drip Lab

What others are saying about Cereal Trip by Bad Drip

(4.7) (3 reviews)

"Really loved this one!" — Melissa F.

"definitely a sleeper for me. at first i didnt like it but then it got better" — John J.

"This is one of my top cereal juices. It's up there with looper." — Julius M.

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