WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. NEVER use products containing any trace of THC and/or Vitamin E Acetate. Your safety is our number one priority so we urge you to avoid ALL unauthorized vaping products and please vape responsibly!


Hard Strawberry by Brewell


3.80 on 5 reviews

Hard strawberry candy

Delicious strawberry hard candy filled with a sweet jelly filling.

Product # 513
Product Hard Strawberry
Vape Brand Brewell
Category Vape Juice
Perferred Setup Sub Ohm Vape Tanks, RDA, RTA, Vape Starter Kit, Variable Wattage Mods, Affordable Vape Batteries
Weight 4 oz
PG/vg Ratio 70% vg e-juice
flavors strawberry, candy
Ingredients Propylene glycol (pg) (~30%), Vegetable glycerin (vg) (70%), Proprietary flavor composition from various flavor extract companies, Nicotine (If applicable), Sweetener (If applicable)

About Brewell

Our mission is to deliver a product that is unrivaled in the marketplace, with unmatched quality and flavor, and to obtain and maintain the highest level of industry standards. We are not in business to create quantity over quality. Each one of our juices is thoroughly tested in different phases until it reaches a selection process consisting of different people, with different palates, from different walks of life. We will not rush numerous new flavors to the market just to increase our catalog. Most importantly, we believe that each person who experiences our flavors should be able to taste our art from the smell to the inhale and exhale of each hit.

Brewell is a vape eliquid and hardware brand

Located in Los Angeles, CA

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Product Reviews For Hard Strawberry by Brewell

5 reviews

Hard Strawberry by Brewell Has Been Reviewed by 5 customers
Submitted Mar 18'
By Maricruz
Submitted Mar 18'
By Jacob

Yummy bursting with sweetness, depending on what Ive had in the tank it can taste like strawberry milk.

Submitted Feb 17'
By Trinity

Good. Strawberry

Submitted Oct 16'
By Chris

nice solid strawberry, but not my all day banger, ive had better

Submitted Aug 16'
By john

Build your own box: $4.25 per 30 ml + hardware