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What is a vape battery?

Batteries are used to power literally every type of device within the vaping industry. They come in different shapes, sizes, and power outputs that vary depending on the vape pens you’re using. Size does matter as different variable voltage vape mods only accept certain sized batteries. Shopping for different batteries can be daunting at first sight. We will cover all bases of battery vape basics and teach you how to shop for the best vape battery for your mod.

Battery terminology

Vaping batteries are measured by voltage, amperage, storage capacity, and size. When shopping for ideal battery vapes, most product listings will show some if not all of the settings in the product title. Different types of batteries perform at different wattages. It is important to know the variants of each to help you make the best choice for your specific vaping set up.

An example product listing is Imren 18650 Golden 3000mAh Battery 40A. Let’s breakdown the basic components of this flat top battery.

  • Voltage – The voltage variant is the average voltage that the battery lives in. For example, a battery with a 3.7v rating means the battery is fully charged at 4.2v and is dead at 3.2v. For most batteries, a 3.7v is standard.
  • Amperage – The amperage variant lists the maximum continuous discharge rate of a given battery. In this example, 40A is the amperage rating which is the amount of current the battery can offer at one time.
  • Storage capacity – Storage capacity is how long you can use a battery before recharging. Amps is a measure of current (1 amp = 1,000 milliamps, or mAh). In the example above, we see a storage capacity of 3000mAh.
  • Size – This is the physical dimensions of the battery for vape. Common sizes are 18650, 18350, 18500, and 26650. Refer to your vape mod’s instruction manual to find the required size. In the example above, these are a pair of 18650 sized batteries.

Different types of vape batteries

Now that you understand the basic terminology of batteries, let’s dive into the differences between each types and how certain types can benefit you. It’s helpful if you already have a vape pen you plan on using. We suggest buying a vape mod or starter kit first then buying cheap batteries that line up with your mod’s specifications.

Physical size

Batteries come in varieties of physical sizes. Most variable wattage box mods require 18650 batteries however some do use shorter or wider flat top batteries such as 26650s. Regardless of the physical battery size, the specs for each will be similar.

Discharge rates and storage capacity

When shopping for the ideal vape battery, there are generally three different categories: high amp / low capacity, high capacity / low amp, and batteries have a medium amp / medium capacity. In most cases, the goal is to choose a vaping battery that delivers a current rating without overheating. Generally speaking, a higher capacity generally correlates with a longer battery life. Higher amperes are for stronger configurations. In an ideal world, you want high amperage and high capacity but this is currently not possible due to current technology.

  • High amp / low capacity – These batteries have higher discharge rates (current) but lower capacities. This battery performs better at high wattage but will lose its charge faster. An example of this is a 1500mAh battery with a 30A discharge rate.
  • High capacity / low amp – These batteries have high capacities (mAh) but generally have a very low discharge rate. This battery performs at a lower wattage and is not favorable for high power sub ohm vaping. On the other hand, they will last longer per charge. An example of this is a 3500mAh battery with a 10A discharge rate.
  • Medium capacity / medium amp – These vaping batteries vape at most wattages. This is generally the best of both worlds and can generally be used for any set up. An example of this is a 2500mAh battery with a 20A discharge rate.

Battery safety

It’s important to instill safe habits when taking care of your batteries. This goes beyond vaping; all electrical equipment should be handled carefully and responsibly. We created very simple rules and guidelines to follow when handling rechargeable lithium ion batteries for vapes.

  • Charge batteries at a moderate temperature – Batteries do not charge up as well when ambient temperatures fall below 50 degrees or above 86 degree Fahrenheit. Charge your batteries indoors in a controlled temperature range to preserve battery life.
  • Discontinue using charger/battery if battery gets excessively warm – A hot battery means some of its charge is physically leaking out. This is a sign of common wear and tear. Just like car brake pads, all rechargeable batteries have a lifespan (maximum number of charge cycles). We recommend replacing these batteries with new ones when you can.
  • Keep some charge in your idle batteries – Do not leave a dead battery idle. It’s recommended to charge them up to at least 30% before storing them. This minimizes total capacity loss over time.

Finding the right vape battery for you

Choose a battery that fits your needs. We recommend starting with a medium amperage, medium capacity battery from a trusted brand. If you need help choosing a product, feel free to reach out to our customer service team for help. Our staff will gladly recommend batteries for vapes from the top brands we carry. Finding good mod batteries is important for your mod's health and will also make vaping e-juice a more pleasant experience.

Popular brands

It’s okay to buy cheap vape batteries if they’re from reputable manufacturers. For battery chargers, any brand should be fine as long as it comes with a USB charger.. When dealing with electricity, we strongly suggest you do not cut corners and only buy from vetted companies such as MXJO, Efest, Sony, Samsung, etc. A little extra spend can go a long way to prevent damaging or short circuiting your device.

Vapebox's online store

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