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Vape Juice
MRKT Street Vapor Riverside
MRKT Street Vapor


A mouthwatering fruit medely


MRKT Street Vapor Flowerdale
MRKT Street Vapor


Fusion of strawberries, fresh coconut, and watermelon


Loaded E-liquids Lemon Bar
Loaded E-liquids

Lemon Bar

A delicious lemon bar topped with powdered sugar


Vapetasia Killer Kustard Lemon

Killer Kustard Lemon

Rich and smooth lemon custard


Mr. Salt-E Eliquids Cotton Candy
Mr. Salt-E Eliquids

Cotton Candy

A sweet, delicious cotton candy flavor


SVRF E-liquids Satisfying
SVRF E-liquids


A SATISFYING raspberry and dragon fruit iced tea


SVRF E-liquids Refreshing
SVRF E-liquids


A REFRESHING blend of papaya, mango and cantaloupe


SVRF E-liquids Balanced
SVRF E-liquids


A BALANCED blend of coconut and creams


The Standard Gummy White Gummy
The Standard Gummy

White Gummy

Your favorite gummy bears


Lemon Twist Melon Twist
Lemon Twist

Melon Twist

Delicious honeydew and lemon twist


Simple Blends Tropical Blend
Simple Blends

Tropical Blend

Mixture of sweet tropical fruits


Simple Blends Melon Berry
Simple Blends

Melon Berry

Blend of melons and berries


Simple Blends Green Apple Melon
Simple Blends

Green Apple Melon

Crisp green apple infused with a mouthwatering melon


Simple Blends Butterscotch
Simple Blends


A delicious smooth butterscotch flavor


Salty Man Juice Box On Ice
Salty Man

Juice Box On Ice

Succulent apple with a blast of menthol


Vape Juice

Vape Juice, commonly referred to as e-liquid, plays a large part in the success of the vaping industry. Discovering good vape juice flavors becomes almost impossible in such a saturated market. Thanks to the creativity and hard work of our e-liquid manufacturers, there are vape flavors to match everyone’s palate. We at Vapebox make it our number one priority to connect people with the juices that fit them best. Check out our personally curated subscription plans if you want to discover new favorite e-liquids and hardware each month. If a subscription is not for you, check out the new arrivals in our online store. We have lists and specific flavors to help you find your way around. Take a look at the industry’s leading brands we carry as they are updated frequently. Discover your new favorite juice today!

Top Selling e liquid

The e-liquid market is saturated. We took all the guess work out of finding the best tasting e juice. All e-juice we carry has been sampled and we strive to only carry the top e juice companies. All the e liquid brands we carry are made in the USA and manufactured in iso-regulated labs.

Choosing the optimal pg/vg ratio

For the newbie vaper, you’ll notice the terms PG and VG listed in virtually every vape juice description. Understanding these terms is important because they are the primary ingredient in every e-juice. PG stands for Propylene Glycol while VG stands for Vegetable Glycerin. These two liquids mixed together produce vapor when heated. Different ratios of PG and VG change the taste and vapor when heated. PG is added to create the sensation of a throat hit when vaping. VG on the other hand, makes the vapor thicker. Thick vapor is preferred on stronger (sub-ohm) set ups. For example, a juice with a high PG percentage is found to irritate the throat when vaping on a stronger atomizer. The industry standard is 70% VG and 30% PG. For vapers looking for higher vapor production, we recommend a VG ratio of 70% and above. Vapers looking for less vapor production should opt for a VG level of 40% - 70%.