WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Vape Starter Kit

Looking for an all-in-one vape kit? Avoid the hassle of buying individual hardware pieces and opt for an all-in-one starter vape kit. We carry starter kits from leading brands such as Smoktech, Geek Vape, Vaporesso, Aspire, Uwell, Voopoo and more

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eGO Aio Kits


Geek Vape

Aegis Legend Kit



Kroma A Zenith Kit

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Skystar Revvo Kit by Aspire


Skystar Revvo Kit

$80.00 $60.00


Kroma-A Crios Kit



Species 230W Kit

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Luxotic BF Box Kit by Wismec


Luxotic BF Box Kit

$70.00 $52.50


Endura T18


Geek Vape

Aegis Legend Mini Kit



Iron Fist Kit



Endura T18 V2 Kit


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What are vape starter kits?

Vape Starter Kits are all inclusive kits, aimed to simplify your vaping needs. Starter vape kits are great for people making the change from smoking tobacco to vaping on electronic cigarettes. Vaping kits most often come with a type of mod and an atomizer, almost always a sub-ohm tank. The mod can either be a variable voltage box mod or a fixed voltage mod. Vape Starter Kits require the least amount of time and steps to set up which is why most kits will provide a sub-ohm tank instead of a rebuildable atomizer. Vape Starter Kits are meant for vapers that are looking to have the least complicated route to vaping, providing the user almost everything they need to start vaping. Depending on the mod, the device may or may not come with a built in battery. The only hard decision that might be for you would choosing your color you want your vape kit to be!

Is a vape starter kit the best fit for you?

Before you purchase a vape starter kit, you should first ask yourself how experienced of a vapor are you? If you are just looking to start, then Vape Starter Kits are for you! As the name implies, vape kits allow the user the complete package to vaping, making decisions of what coils, rebuildable atomizer, and mod combinations will work the best. Starter kits are the quickest way from unboxing to vaping possible. Kits ensure that you have hardware that matches and is guaranteed to work well together. If you are looking to build your own coils and decks, buying specific RDAs or RTAs might be the better fit for you and choosing a mod that has the right power settings for your build! There is a misconception that starter kits are solely meant for beginners. Customers do not have to worry about sacrificing power or vapor production when vaping starter kit mods.

Things to decide on when buying a vape starter kit?

What type of e-liquid juice are you vaping? If you are vaping salt nicotine juices, a regular vape kit will not be right for you. A starter vape kit is only meant for regular ejuice. You will need a pod system device, from such brands as Suorin Air. They provide starter kits made specifically for salt nicotine juices. Pod systems use a low wattage and small coil. Please be aware that nicotine salts can ruin a typical sub-ohm tank. We sell pod systems in our store that can handle nicotine salt juices.

Do you care about the power? If you are looking for something that has variable wattage or temperature control, a variable wattage box mod will be the top option for you. Most mods go to a general 100 watts of power, some can even go higher. This allows vapers full control in how they choose their power, which can impact the flavor and vapor production. Here is a starter kit that provides a high wattage for more power.

Do you care about the size and portability? Most mods or devices in 2019 are made to be portable. If you are looking for a more discrete, simple, and compact design, we recommend investing in a vape pen kit. Vape pens carry a smaller amount of juice and usually are fixed wattage. However, they provide users a simple and compact mod to carry. In most case, they can fit comfortably in your pocket and perfect for on the go. An example of a vape pen starter kit would be the smok stick which can be found here.

Do you want a built in battery? Some starter vape kits come with built in batteries. Others come without and require you to purchase separately. Batteries built in means they can be plugged in and charged all in one. Batteries put in can either be charged externally or internally.

What does a vape starter kit consist of?

A vape starter kit will typically include:

  • A mod
  • Sub-ohm Tank
  • Extra coils
  • Drip Tip
  • Charging Cable
  • Instructions or guide book

Some starter kits have batteries built into the mod. However, some mods may require 1 to 2 batteries, sometimes even 3!

We always recommend to charge your batteries in a charging bank. This ensures your mod does not get overused. Chargers can be found in our battery section as well!

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The Vapebox online store carries premium e-liquid and vape hardware / electronic vaporizers from all of the top brands for your vaping needs. If you need help finding anything, don’t hesitate to contact our customer service team! We offer free shipping and returns and always keep our prices low. We also have a free vape juice promotion for 2019 where members can receive their first box completely free. This is the best deal possible and we hope you will take advantage of these free juice options. Search for your new favorite e liquid today! We encourage you to learn as much as you can about vapor tanks. There is also tons of video info on other social media sites such as Youtube and Twitter.

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