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Candy Shop Apple Peach Sour Rings

Apple Peach Sour Rings

Candy Shop

A mix of apple and peach sour rings.

Apple Peach Sour Rings by Candy Shop E-Liquids is the perfect sweet and sour combination of apple sour rings and peaches.
VG & Flavors What is inside of a bottle of E-Juice?
  • Propylene glycol
  • Vegetable glycerin
  • Proprietary flavor composition from various flavor extract companies
  • Nicotine (If applicable)
  • Sweetener (If applicable)
Candy Shop E Liquid is going to allow you to have your favorite treats whenever, wherever you'd like without any worries about cavities.


I like it!
April 2, 2018


March 25, 2018


March 20, 2018


March 11, 2018


January 13, 2018
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