WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. NEVER use products containing any trace of THC, Vitamin E Acetate, or sold by unauthorized sellers.

Cloud Dropz

Grandma's Cookies by Cloud Dropz

Oatmeal cookie with hints of chocolate


Iced oatmeal cookie with hints of chocolate.

Product # 111
Product Grandma's Cookies
Vape Brand Cloud Dropz
Category Vape Juice
Perferred Setup Sub Ohm Vape Tanks, RDA, RTA, Vape Starter Kit, Variable Wattage Mods, Affordable Vape Batteries
Weight 4 oz
PG/vg Ratio 100% vg e-juice
flavors chocolate, baked goods
Ingredients Propylene glycol (pg) (~0%), Vegetable glycerin (vg) (100%), Proprietary flavor composition from various flavor extract companies, Nicotine (If applicable), Sweetener (If applicable)
Submitted Nov 17'
By Derek
Submitted Jun 17'
By Lee

Not a big fan of cookies but this one is awesome

Submitted Nov 16'
By Tony

This is by far the best juice Ive had to date! Awesome flavor great clouds and can vape all day everyday! You will not be disappointed!

Submitted Jul 16'
By Kasey

just like a dang cookie. so good. gone in literally a few hours. chain vaped it.

Submitted Jul 16'
By Joshua

This actually curbed my craving to eat something sweet.

Submitted Dec 15'
By Vince

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