WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. NEVER use products containing any trace of THC, Vitamin E Acetate, or sold by unauthorized sellers.


Staple Alien Coil by Coilology

Wire is 8 ply ribbon wire wrapped with 36ga(0.127mm) wire


This Wire is a dual round wire wrapped with 36ga(0.127mm).The outer wire is wrapped to the tightest and consistant, thus the ejuice is less likely to escape from the gaps ,but to be vaporized,as a result the spiltback is avoided effectively. With the clapton wire, the surface area is increased ,It enables better flavor and huger vapor production as well. Compared to 32ga(0.2) clapton, our wire looks better ,Ramp up faster ,and Better flavor and longer battery life.It fits in all post holes easily. Each Spools of wire is cleaned with Ultra sonic cleaner, to make sure nothing else comes with the wire.ÊThis particular wire Can be applied for customers that looks for medium sized and ohms coils.ÊIf you are tired of the normal prebuilt wire and looking for performance coil ,This is going be your best choice.ÊSpecification Chart:Material: Nichrome 80ÊTemp control: YesÊPower mod: YesÊRTA/RDA: BothÊRamp Up Time: FastÊLongeviity: 2 weeks daily usage.ÊWire configuration options: 2-26/36,2-28/36ÊFinish: Ultra Sonic CleanedÊPackaging: Plastic Spool.ÊPower Range: 26/36 --30w-45w,24/36--35w-60w,22/36--40w-75wÊBased on terms of 5 wrap, 2.5mm Inner diameter coils.


Staple Alien Coil by Coilology

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Submitted May 17'

By Mattie


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