WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. NEVER use products containing any trace of THC and/or Vitamin E Acetate. Your safety is our number one priority so we urge you to avoid ALL unauthorized vaping products and please vape responsibly!

Dangerous Woman

Bouddica (Salt Nic) by Dangerous Woman


2.67 on 3 reviews

Dragonfruit and red raspberries

You love Boudicca already, and regularly steal from family and friends to support your ravenous cravings for the delicious blend of dragonfruit, strawberry, and other stuff, so why not take Boudicca on the go?  Throw some Boudicca in your pod system that keeps leaking, because why should those things work all the time, and stealth vape to your heart's content.  If you're a fan of our best seller, and dig pod mods, you're going to freak the fuck out for this version, because it's the bee's knees.  

As with all of our Nic Salt line, Boudicca is 50/50, so no worries about it choking-up any of the coils designed for lower wattage vaping.  And, in keeping with industry standards, up to 40% of our bottles are also haunted, so you're definitely going to need to watch out for malevolent spirits seeking to inhabit your corporeal form to exact retribution from the men who killed them.  This is true for most vape juices, but we're the only company who has the gumption to tell you about it.  Because we care.  

Product # 3334
Product Bouddica (Salt Nic)
Vape Brand Dangerous Woman
Category Vape Juice
Perferred Setup Sub Ohm Vape Tanks, RDA, RTA, Vape Starter Kit, Variable Wattage Mods, Affordable Vape Batteries
Weight -
PG/vg Ratio 50% vg e-juice
flavors berries, dragonfruit, fruits, red raspberry
Ingredients Propylene glycol (pg) (~50%), Vegetable glycerin (vg) (50%), Proprietary flavor composition from various flavor extract companies, Nicotine (If applicable), Sweetener (If applicable)

About Dangerous Woman

Our secret ingredient is love. Just kidding, it's awesome flavor mixes. Located in luxurious Austin, Texas, Dangerous Woman Labs is a pug-owned, woman-run business, with more ambition than sense.

Dangerous Woman is a vape eliquid brand

Located in Austin, Texas

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Product Reviews For Bouddica (Salt Nic) by Dangerous Woman

3 reviews

Bouddica (Salt Nic) by Dangerous Woman Has Been Reviewed by 3 customers
  • <p>Week flavor</p>

<p>It's good but dragon fruit is a week flavor and they took it easy on the raspberry to balance. Its good but needs stronger flavor</p>

Bottom line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

Submitted Oct 19'
By <p>John</p>
  • <p>coil burner</p>

<p>burnt thru 2 coils in a day.</p>

Bottom line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

Submitted Oct 19'
By <p>Fabio</p>
  • <p>Fruit mix</p>

<p>Decent blend of dragonfruit and red raspberries. A little harsh for me personally for an all-day vape, but a nice change at times.</p>

Bottom line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

Submitted Sep 19'
By <p>Valery</p>

Build your own box: $4.25 per 30 ml + hardware