WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


Muertos Mod

The Muertos Mod by FATE mods is in a class of its own, exceptional craftsmanship, presentation, and function all in one American Made mod.

The Muertos Mod by FATE mods is one of a kind. Featuring beautiful presentation and aesthetics while also excelling in function and extreme durability. The Muertos Mod is presented in a wooden collectors_ box complete with engraving of the Muertos Mod sugar skull and FATE. Finally, a box that beautifully displays your piece for years to come. CNC engraved on the tube is the Muertos Mod sugar skull, designed by a local Southern California tattoo artist, featuring coils, drips, and clouds. The sugar skulls is adorned with a single gem stone hand set in the forehead by a local jeweler with over 30 years of experience. This represents vapers_ _third-eye_ of enlightenment and freedom from Big Tobacco. The button features a deep CNC engraving of FATE complete with serial number. Negative contact/button are designed specifically to improve conductivity and a sturdy spring prevents hot-buttons and auto-fires. The entire switch assembly is protected by a solid titanium ring to protect your mod from drops. It has been rigorously tested, without-fail, by bashing it repeatedly on concrete and the switch never skipped a beat. Absolutely no button-wobble or slop, no _sweet-spots_, just a smooth button throw each and every time. The 22mm tube is available in Stainless steel, Brass, or Copper and features a recessed top cap. All of your 22mm atties and RDAs will match up flawlessly with the clean, unbroken lines of the mod_s body. The recessed top cap features a unique threading new to the modder_s repertoire. Threading is thick and sturdy and utilizes flat spots on the thread_s ends creating exceptional conductivity from top cap to tube. Thick + and _ copper contacts are easy to adjust and channel all of your power straight to your atty. The Muertos Mod by FATE mods is in a class of its own, exceptional craftsmanship, presentation, and function all in one American Made mod.
Product # 540
Product Muertos Mod
Vape Brand Fate
Category Squonk / Mechanical Mod
Perferred Setup RDA, Affordable Vape Batteries
Weight -
Variations 1
Price $198.00

About Fate

Fate is a vape eliquid brand

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Muertos Mod by Fate Has Been Reviewed by 1 customer
Sturdy build, pure copper. If youre clumsy like me this mod will hold up to your nights at the bar
Submitted Jul 16'
By ayaz