WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. NEVER use products containing any trace of THC and/or Vitamin E Acetate. Your safety is our number one priority so we urge you to avoid ALL unauthorized vaping products and please vape responsibly!


SODA Charger by Efest


3.67 on 9 reviews

The updated Efest SODA has arrived. This charger packs some very cool features and offers best in class value.

The updated Efest SODA has arrived. This charger packs some very cool features and offers best in class value.

Product # 188
Product SODA Charger
Vape Brand Efest
Category Affordable Vape Batteries
Perferred Setup Variable Wattage Mods, Squonk / Mechanical Mod, Vape Starter Kit
Weight -
Variations 1
Price $13.00

About Efest

Efest is specializes in creating batteries and chargers to power your favorite mods. They are a leading brand ensuring top quality products!

Efest is a vape hardware brand

Located in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

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Product Reviews For SODA Charger by Efest

9 reviews

SODA Charger by Efest Has Been Reviewed by 9 customers

great charger.........................................

Submitted Aug 16'
By john

cheap and small, worth the small price paid , charges quickly.

Submitted Jul 16'
By Mitch

this thing right here is absolute garbage! i have had mine for about a month until it started buzzing!!!!!

Submitted Mar 16'
By Morgan

good company, good product. but dont waist your money go with one of the digital set ups. plus if you are using a box that has 2 batteries, your going to want a 4 bay. even for 1st timers go with digital.

Submitted Jan 16'
By Eric

small and cheap. perfect if you just want one for backup when you cant plug in your box, and it doesnt hurt the wallet too much!

Submitted Jan 16'
By roberta

Great for starting out but spend a few extra bucks and get either the efest or nitecore chargers.

Submitted Jan 16'
By kevin

Good starter charger, I started with this charger and still use it. Only an option to change from 0.5A to 1A so not confusing at all and it holds up. I would recommend for a dual battery charger.

Submitted Dec 15'
By Richard

If all you need is a dual battery charger, then I would definitely recommend this one. Safe and reliable.

Submitted Dec 15'
By Kathryn

I dont use Efest batteries, but there chargers are good. I prefer a four bay myself though.

Submitted Nov 15'
By James

Build your own box: $4.25 per 30 ml + hardware