WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. NEVER use products containing any trace of THC, Vitamin E Acetate, or sold by unauthorized sellers.

Vapor Lakes

Cyber Grind (salt nic) by Vapor Lakes

Strawberry Lemonade mixes tantalizing strawberries with refreshing lemonade to create a special treat for your taste buds


Cyber Grind (Strawberry Lemonade) by Vapor Lakes Salt Nic is the refreshing lemonade flavor your taste buds are waiting for. Tantalizing strawberries dance around your mouth, then the sweet and sour lemonade joins the part. Exhale pure bliss of strawberry lemonade. Get your grind on with Cyber Grind. This salt nicotine flavor will be your next all day vape.

Warning: Not intended for sub-ohm vaping. Use with pod devices or compatible low wattage devices.


Cyber Grind (salt nic) by Vapor Lakes

Vape Brand
Vapor Lakes

Vape Juice

Perferred Setup
Sub Ohm Vape Tanks, RDA, RTA, Vape Starter Kit, Variable Wattage Mods, Affordable Vape Batteries


PG/vg Ratio
50% vg e-juice

citrus, fruits, lemon, strawberry


Propylene glycol (pg) (~50%), Vegetable glycerin (vg) (50%), Proprietary flavor composition from various flavor extract companies, Nicotine (If applicable), Sweetener (If applicable)


About Vapor Lakes

A FDA Registered Manufacturer and Wholesaler Of House and Premium E-liquids.

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