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VGOD Frozen



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3 different fruity menthol flavors

About Frozen by VGOD

Frozen by VGOD® conists of 3 flavors in 30ml bottle each combined in a pack for a total of 90ML of delicious e-juice! 

Berry Flurry - is a Delicious Burst of Wild Berries served on ice to provide a refreshing fruity all-day vape! 

Lemon Crisp - is a Freshly peeled Zesty Lemon in a blend of Frozen Ice to provide a cool and tangy all-day vape! 

Mango Mist - is a Sweet sliced Mango, Ripe to perfection on the inhale, served along side a relaxing ice exhale to provide the best of both worlds! 


  • · Propylene Glycol
  • · Vegetable Glycerin
  • · Flavor Extract
  • · Nicotine (If applicable)
  • · Sweetener (If applicable)

About VGOD

The VGOD crew is bringing you the latest and greatest in vaping lifestyles.

What others are saying about Frozen by VGOD

(4.3) (12 reviews)

"2/3 good so far but haven't tried 1 of them. I expect it will be just as good." —

"The mango tastes like Capellas mango, the lemon tastes like a cleaner, and the berry was bland. Was expecting better" —

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