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Elabo Coils by Wismec


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The Elabo Coils by Wismec are for the Elabo Tank.

The Elabo Coils by Wismec are for the Elabo Tank. Wismec designed a non-threaded replacement coil that makes replacing much easier than before. Not only is this coil innovative, it also supports higher wattage as well. Put your Wismec Elabo to the test and see how amazing it performs.

Product # 1599
Product Elabo Coils
Vape Brand Wismec
Category Replacement Coils
Perferred Setup Sub Ohm Vape Tanks
Weight -
Variations 1
Price $15.00

About Wismec

We believe that it’s the employees that matter the most in our company. They will always be the one that bring in lively vibes to the company, help it to prosper and obtain sustainable growth. WISMEC may not be a brand that people are familiar with at the moment but we have been inside the e-cigarettes industry for a long time. Our company have recruited the finest R&D talents, highly trained and talented product designers, detail oriented sales professionals and innovative corporate leaders and they have been with us since then. WISMEC is about to launch the latest and most innovative products. These products are created by our designated guest designers which are superior in its look and function. Giving a rewarding vaping experience which everyone will enjoy. Our products are designed in US and manufactured in China, We will delicate ourselves to create the most amazing products that will provide the ultimate vaping experience to all vapers globally. Through constant R&D, the cutting-edge vaporizer technology put WISMEC at the top of the industry. However, all these accomplishments cannot be achieved without our brightest research team and our leaders that see the potential of this industry. Together we will bring the best, most reliable and most robust products to the market that this industry has yet to see. We have the team, the talent, the experience, and the unmatched manufacturing facilities to make our dreams come to reality. Together, we will build something great. Welcome to WISMEC. Welcome home.

Wismec is a vape hardware brand

Located in Guangdong, China

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Build your own box: $4.25 per 30 ml + hardware