WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. NEVER use products containing any trace of THC, Vitamin E Acetate, or sold by unauthorized sellers.

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Choose a vape subscription plan

Sampler Plan Vapebox Subscription Plan

Sampler Plan

120ml of e-juice

$4.50 per 30 ml


Juice Lovers Plan Vapebox Subscription Plan

Juice Lovers Plan

At least 240ml of e-juice

$4.00 per 30 ml


Enthusiast Plan Vapebox Subscription Plan

Enthusiast Plan

At least 240ml of e-juice & 1-2 pieces of hardware

$3.75 per 30 ml + vape hardware


Salt Nicotine Plan Vapebox Subscription Plan

Salt Nicotine Plan

At least 90ml of salt nicotine e-juice

$11.40 per 30 ml of salt


Salt Nicotine Plus Plan Vapebox Subscription Plan

Salt Nicotine Plus Plan

Combination of 4 salt nicotine products: salt nic. e-juices, devices, pods, etc.


How it works

Choose from 5 of our vape subscription plans and get curated e-juices and/or vape hardware delivered to you monthly. Your personalized Vape Box subscription will include e-juices and vape hardware (if applicable) that match your vaping preferences.

Help me choose

We highly recommend our Enthusiast subscription. About 80% of our subscribers are on the Enthusiast plan. It has a combination of vape juices + vape hardware so you can try new e-juices and build on new hardware!

Choosing the right vape subscription

All of our vape subscriptions come with vape juice. Depending on the subscription plan you choose, It will be regular vape juice or salt nicotine vape juice. If you're a salt nicotine vaper, then our two salt nicotine plan is right for you. Otherwise, our Sample plan, Juice Lovers plan, and Enthusiast plan are right for you.

Vape hardware or no vape hardware?

This is a very challenging question that only you can answer. What we can tell you is that, most of our subscribers are subscribed to our Enthusiast vape subscription. They love getting new hardware every month. And Vapebox is currently the only company that offers a vape subscription with vape hardware.

How much vape juice should I go for?

First of all, how much do you vape? Some of our subscribers go through 60 ml bottle of e-juice in a week. While some go through a 120 ml bottle in a week. Are you sharing with your buddies or simply using it for yourself? If you're a beginner vaper just looking to get your feet wet, our Sampler Vape Box is the perfect fit. It's low cost and you get 2 bottles. Keep in mind that our Sampler plan doesn't come with any hardware, so you'd have to purchase a vape starter kit if you opt for our Sampler subscription plan.

Your personalized vape palate

In the following pages, we will be asking you questions pertaining to your vaping habits and vaping preferences. Questions may include what type of flavors do you like? What flavors do you dislike? What kind of atomizers do you use? What kind of VW box mods do you use? What's your nicotine strength? We ask all of these questions to build a profile for you so we can tailor and personalize your Vape Box to your preferences.

What will I receive in my Vape Box?

We try our best to keep this a surprise - I mean, who doesn't love surprises? But generally you can expect vape juices, atomizers, mods, salt nicotine vape juices, salt nicotine pod devices, and everything in between from your Vape Box. Please keep in mind that every Vapebox subscriber's palate is unique. You might receive a different Vape Box than your friend.

Our vape product tracking system

We track every vape product and vape juice that we give out to you. This way we build your profile as the months go on. You will NOT receive the same vape hardware or e-juice twice - unless you request it. Unlike our competitors who just throw e-juices at you, we are proud to be a true discovery vape subscription.

Our new salt nicotine vape subscriptions

Currently we are the only vape subscription company that offers a salt nicotine option. We have a regular salt nicotine subscription and a salt nicotine plus subscription. The difference between the 2 subscriptions is that the former only comes with salt nicotine vape juices while the latter includes salt nicotine hardware on top of salt nicotine e-liquid. If you're feeling adventurous, we recommend going for the salt nicotine plus plan.

Tasting menus

You can expect a tasting menu in every Vape Box regardless of the plan. On that vape tasting menu, we include descriptions of the vape products that we picked for you and most importantly, why. It's a good thing to reference so that you're not just blindly tasting e-juices.

Changing my palate

You can change your palate anytime. We understand that your vaping preferences and habits change over time. Today, you might like vaping on a tank, but in two months you might get experience and upgrade to an RTA or rebuildable tank atomizer. We understand and your Vape Box will change with you.

Upgrading, downgrading, and cancelling

You can upgrade, downgrade, cancel, or skip your subscription any time. No hassle or fuss. Everything is done through your Vapebox dashboard.