Sampler Plan

Sampler Plan

At least 45ml of e-liquid


Juice Lovers Plan

Juice Lovers Plan

At least 75ml of e-liquid


Enthusiast Plan

Enthusiast Plan

At least 75ml & 1-2 hardware



Personalized and curated just for you.

No two vapers are alike, so your box will be tailored to suit your vaping style. By filling out your Palate Profile after you sign up, you’ll enable us to pick the juices and products that are right for you.

Cameron Cornell's Vapebox vape and ejuice palate profile

Cameron Cornell

  • Intermediate Vaper
  • 6mg Nicotine Preference
  • 60/40 User
  • Prefers Tanks
Shy Kane's Vapebox vape and eliquid palate profile

Shy Kane

  • Experienced Vaper
  • 3mg Nicotine Preference
  • High VG User
  • Prefers Rebuildables
Customize your own vape e-juice palate profile


  • ? Vaper
  • ? Nicotine Preference
  • ? User
  • Prefers ?