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A Guide on How to Get Started Vaping

By Evelyn Valdez | Sep 04, 2016 | Vape Blog | 1 min read

So what is vaping?

For those of you who don't know, vaping is simply a term given to using an e-cigarette or vaporizer. It is an alternative to smoking cigarettes by vaporizing e-liquid instead. The vaping industry has grown exponentially since it hit the U.S market in 2006, there are countless devices and ways to vape now, that it may be overwhelming!

What do you need to get started?

There is a large selection of hardware to choose from, it just depends on your budget. If you have a smaller budget look into vape starter kits. Most come with a mod and a tank at a fairly low price. For example the Innokin Cortex TC starter kit. It is an 80W mod with a long lasting 3300mAh battery, it ranges from temperature control to variable wattage. By purchasing a starter kit like the Cortex TC, you have a set up and all you need left to buy is some e-juice of your choice! Check out other starter kits like: Kanger topbox mini 75W starter kit or the Joyetech eVic VTC Mini 75W Tron Starter Kit. These two are reasonably priced, and are great for beginners.

If you have a bigger budget you may look at different mods, RDAs, tanks, and batteries separately. I would suggest getting a 50-100W regulated box mod, a tank of your choice, and battery depending on the mod you choose. The reason I suggest a tank to start off with is because RDA, rebuildable atomizers, require a build and cotton. Getting started on a build, and learning to change cotton can be confusing at first.  It is better to start off with a tank, they are easy to use and also provide great flavor. For tanks, all you need to worry about is replacing your coil. Coil replacement varies on how often you vape and what tank you get. 

Once you have the set up that fits you perfectly all you need is some e-juice based on what flavors you like, there are countless to choose from. 

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Evelyn is a writer at Vapebox. She's passionate about two things: vaping and animals. She has been vaping for 5 years. Currently, her ADV is Red's Iced.

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