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Battery Safety Buide For Beginners

Posted by Ryan on June 6, 2018

Battery safety guide for beginners

Joining the vaping community is excited, but before you start purchasing your first hardware items, and e-juices, it is important to get familiar with batteries used for vaping devices. You may have heard news stories of vape devices blowing up, although that sounds scary, these events are rare. These events only happen if the person vaping was using unauthentic products, or was not familiar with battery safety. We will quickly go through the do’s and don’ts when it comes to batteries.

Best batteries to purchase

The most commonly used batteries for mods now a days tend to be the IMR batteries. There are a wide range of different IMR batteries made by different manufacturing companies such as Sony, Efest, Samsung, MXJO and Panasonic. These batteries work great with any mechanical mod or variable voltage mods.

It is important to know how to use these batteries and get familiar with the specifications so you know which one is right for your mod. OnVaping has an excellent post detailing the specification in batteries. They break down the specifications for IMR batteries ranging from 16340-18650

Properly load up your batteries

Knowing how to load your batteries onto your mod is very important. When placing them inside the mod, make sure the batteries are being loaded properly to their designated charge. If your mod only takes one battery, make sure the positive side of the battery is placed only to the positive side on the mod. The positive side will always be the bubbled short side of the battery. Make sure the negative side is only placed on the negative end of the mod. The negative end of the battery will always be the sleek flat side of the battery. If your mod takes two or more batteries, make sure this applies the same way. Loading up your batteries the right way is important because if not placed correctly you can cause the mod to short circuit and possible even explode when using or firing.

Authentic vs. clone batteries

Most IMR batteries are a perfect match for most, if not all mods. In the past, there have been incidents of clone batteries not firing properly, not reading the hardware or have caused a short circuit for being false batteries. If you don't know if the battery is a clone or authentic, you can check by the printing on the battery. All batteries comes with manufacturing printing with the batteries specifications. The printing will be nice and readable an usually does not look like it has faded off. Sun Vapers compares a real and fake Sony VTC4, check out their pictures to get an idea of what fake batteries may look like.

Make sure to also check to see that the batteries plastic wrapping is not tearing apart. If you ever see the plastic wrapping on your batteries coming off, it would be best to set these batteries aside or properly dispose of them by taking them to a battery recycling place. The reason being that continuing to use batteries that have this defect can be very dangerous. The wrapping is suppose to protect your battery from any visible lithium. If the lithium is exposed to certain conditions, this can also cause your mod to short circuit or even explode while using.

Using dual batteries

If your mod takes more than one battery, it is suggested that the batteries be charged together and used only together. Charging and using your batteries together for your mod is called having a married pair”. The reason it is best to use a married pair of batteries is because they will tend to give you better overall result. Since they are charged and used together you will have little to no issues when it comes to firing your mod. Married pairs tend to be the best option for these types of mods. If you use single charged batteries, you may still use them, however, possibility of one battery not working or firing is not uncommon.

Do not overcharge your batteries

When charging your batteries, it is important to not leave your battery or mod unattended. It is important to check up on your mod or batteries every 30 minutes to an hour. This will prevent you from over charging and allow you to monitor the time it takes to charge your batteries. Most variable voltage mods have a charging feature, this feature allows you to charge your batteries by connecting your mod to a USB port. If you charge your batteries using the USB, make sure that your mod is receiving air ventilation through the air holes on your mod and make sure it is not too hot. If your batteries become too hot, immediately take them off charging and try charging them through a battery charger rather than your mod to avoid short circuiting.
These are just a few things to be aware of before jumping into vaping! To learn more about specifications, and which batteries work with certain mods check out OnVaping’s article on battery safety and ohm's law.

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