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Common Mistakes Beginners Make and How to Avoid Them

Posted by Jesse on June 21, 2018

Avoid these mistakes that every vape beginner makes

Several people who begin vaping are those who want to quit smoking cigarettes. We applaud you for taking the step to quit smoking! Vaping is a great way to slowly cut down on smoking cigarettes/nicotine, but that’s only if you put the effort in.
Vape products are not accessed easily like cigarettes are. Many beginners make the mistake of not having enough supplies like extra batteries or e-juice, and these items are not the kind you can find at your local gas station or store. We want to make sure you don’t make these mistakes because these mistakes can lead you to old toxic habits.


One of the first things beginners do is buy all the necessary items needed for vaping: starter kit or pen, e-juice, batteries (if needed), and battery charger. Some may purchase starter kits with an internal battery, which they think is ideal because you save some money on having to buy additional batteries. Let’s say you bought the Kroma, it’s a great deal ($40) for a full set up and an internal 2000mAh battery, but what happens when the battery dies? For someone who is trying to quit smoking you may rely heavily on vaping, which means your battery may drain faster. Recharging the Kroma kit or any starter kit with an internal battery will take at least a few hours for it to fully charge, that’s enough time to give you a craving to smoke and since cigarettes are so accessible you may just go to the nearest gas station to buy some. This is why it is important to always have a back up kit, or for those who have kits without internal batteries, back up batteries.
If you’re purchasing a starter kit with an internal battery be aware that re-charging your device will take a few hours. For those that have starter kits with external batteries, remember to purchase at least two sets of batteries. Having a back up kit, or extra batteries will save you from leaning back to your old habits.


Running low on e-liquid is not the same as smoking your last cigarette. When your down to your last cigarette you can easily just go to the nearest store and purchase a new pack. Remember vaping is not as accessible. As soon as your down to your last FULL bottle of e-juice, put in an order for more e-juice online, or go to your nearest vape shop to pick some up. If you rely on an e-juice subscription, then let them know you want to push up your billing date. If you are subscribed to our subscription service, we will gladly move up your billing date and ship out your box as soon as possible if it is needed. Don’t wait until you’re on your last drop of e-juice to start seeking to purchase more online, it will take a week or less for an order to get to you. Always prepare for the worst and start stocking up on e-liquid as soon as you’re on your last bottle of e-juice.


If you have plans to be out for most of the day always make sure to pack either a backpack or small bag with vaping supplies. Don’t make the mistake of only taking your starter kit or set up with a tank filled with your favorite e-liquid. That will not last you an entire day, especially if you chain vape. Grab a small bag and put in your vaping essentials: extra set of batteries, or a back up device (in case your kit has an internal battery), bottle of e-juice, and a replacement coil. Remember to always prepare for the worst, and avoid these commonly made mistakes. These mistakes will have you running back to cigarettes, and trust us you don’t want to go back there.

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