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Why E-Cigarettes Keep Getting More Popular

Posted by Shirley on August 4, 2018

E-Cigarettes rising popularity

E-cigarettes have been around in the United States since 2007, but for several years, they were a niche product. The customer base consisted almost entirely of smokers trying to quit, and opinions were mixed regarding the quality of these e-cigs.

That all changed as vaping devices came out and began to dominate the market. These new e-cigs surged in popularity, and they were even popular among nonsmokers, something no alternative product has been able to accomplish before. By the end of 2016, over one-third of high school students said that they had at least tried an e-cig.

What has led to the e-cig trend? There are a few key reasons.

A diverse selection of products

One of the reasons the original e-cigs didn’t take off is because they were so similar to cigarettes. They were just what their name suggested – electronic products that looked and functioned like cigarettes, even if the smoking experience certainly wasn’t the same.

That’s not the case anymore. There are all kinds of vaping products, including box mods, pen kit parts, starter kits and much more. And the selection keeps growing, which also improves the user experience. Take the pod mod, one of the main vaping trends of 2017. This is a detachable cartridge full of e-liquid that you simply pop on your vaping device, instead of needing to fill it yourself.

E-Liquid Flavors

E-cigs used to provide a taste that was like a lesser version of a cigarette. There was nothing unique or special about it. With the e-cigs that are out now, there are a huge variety of flavors available. You could choose something fruity, such as cherry or citrus. You could opt for a dessert flavor, such as caramel or chocolate. There are plenty more flavors and flavor combinations besides those, and manufacturers are constantly coming up with new blends.

This makes the vaping experience different and gives you full control. You can customize your vaping device however you want, you can choose your flavor and you can even choose how much nicotine you want. If you’re just vaping for the flavor, you can also opt for an e-liquid that doesn’t have any nicotine.

It's becoming a Culture

What’s caused e-cigs to trend the most is that there is now a following of dedicated vapers, and this following is growing by the day. There are massive conventions where manufacturers show off their latest vaping devices and e-liquid flavors. For lack of a better word, vaping has become cool, and that attracts teenagers and young adults.

Of course, the popularity of e-cigs has also led to many state and local governments putting new laws in place for the industry. This hasn’t slowed down its growth at all, though. If anything, it has brought vapers closer together. When governments regulate the industry, it just makes vapers more likely to show their support for their favorite stores and brands.

The future of E-Cigs

It’s impossible to say what the future of e-cigs will be. New legal regulations primarily focus on where people are and aren’t allowed to vape, along with keeping e-cigs out of the hands of minors. The industry has been on the rise, and although it won’t grow forever, it already has a solid customer base. Even if growth slows or stops, there will still be plenty of people buying e-cigs and related products on a regular basis.

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