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E-Juice Expiration Date: Is Your E-Juice Safe to Vape?

Posted by Shirley L. on July 27, 2018

Everything you need to know about e-juice expiration

Many e-juice companies are starting to stamp expiration dates on their juices, this may be a precaution for what may be required in the future by the FDA, but it is essential. Just like with food, we worry about ingesting something that may be spoiled or rotten, so we feel the same way with the juice we vape. It can be hard to tell if the expiration date on an e-juice bottle means it is not safe to vape since those “best by” dates usually refer to the freshness of the product and not whether it is spoiled. Here are a few tips to help you identify whether your juice is safe to vape or not.


One of the biggest indicators of e-juice expiring is the discoloration in the juice. This is due to the process known as oxidation. When nicotine reacts to other ingredients, or if it is exposed to direct sunlight or stored in hot spaces, the color changes. The color of the e-juice may have gone from a light golden color, to a syrup-like one. Open the bottle and do a smell test, if the e-juice no longer smells like it used to then chances are it is expired.

Flavor is different

Maybe your e-juice wasn’t discolored, and you dripped it on your atomizer, but it doesn’t taste like before. This is an indication that your e-juice may be expired. Double check the expiration date on the bottle, chances are it is expired or is close to the date.

E-juice is Max VG

Propylene Glycol (PG) helps things to stay fresh, so max VG e-juices, or juices with lower PG levels tend to not preserve well. So if you normally vape e-juices that have a lower PG then it is important to look out for the indicators of expiration listed above.
It is crucial to make sure you know whether your e-juice is expired or not. Remember to check the date on the bottle, and look out for indications of spoiling. If you want to expand the shelf life of your e-juices remember to store them properly and keep them away from high temperatures and sunlight.

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Shirley L.
Shirley L.
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