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Everything you need to know about the Species 230W box mod by SMOK

Posted by Evelyn V. on June 17, 2019

Everything you need to know about the Species 230W box mod by SMOK

The Species 230W Mod by SmokTech is a combination of beauty and strength. It has a power output of up to 230W and produces powerful vapor production, making it the perfect choice for cloud chasers. Aside from it being powerful, it’s beautifully crafted with decorative strips covering the front and back of the mod. That is why we selected the Species as the featured mod of June’s Summer Mod Madness. All June Enthusiast boxes will comes with one Species 230W Mod and 210ml+ of e-juice. We wanted to give our subscribers an easy guide on how to get the most out of their new beast of a mod, the Species 230W Mod.

Species 230W Mod Features

The Species Mod has various features that make it the powerful mod it is. One of the most outstanding features is its brand new 1.45’’ high-definition colorful touch screen with upgraded user interface that gives the user comprehensive and clearer vaping data. It also has a screen locking button located at the bottom of the touch screen to ensure safe operation. The Species Mod is powered by two 18650 vape batteries (not included) and has an output range of 1W-230W that can meet any vapers demands.

Smok has added multiple types of protections in the Species Mod to avoid potential risks. It features: intelligent atomizer recognition, puff monitoring system, 10 seconds cut-off, over discharge protection, overheating protection, and short-circuit protection.

How to install batteries

The Species Mod has a powerful maximum output of 230W, which is powered by two 18650 batteries. Follow these steps on how to install the batteries:

  1. Slide open the battery cover (insert pictures)
  2. Place the batteries into the device accordingly. Double check to make sure the batteries are put in on the correct side.
  3. Close the battery cover

Once the batteries are installed press the fire button five times to turn the mod on.

How to use the touch screen user interface

As mentioned earlier, the Species features a newly designed colorful responsive touch screen. Smok has a newly upgraded user interface that offers clear and detailed vaping information, perfect for vapers who love to tailor their vape experience.

The main interface displays the wattage output, battery life, ohms, voltage, and menu button. The menu interface is where you can play with the different settings. To access the menu interface simply touch the four squares located on the top right of the main interface.

The menu interface displays a circle divided into four sectors. Each sector has a corresponding icon that represents the four kinds of settings: output mode setting, puff setting, screen setting, and system setting.

Output Mode Setting (VW Mode and TC Mode)

The output mode setting is where you can set the wattage or temperature of the mod. “VW Mode” or variable wattage mode includes vaping effects and adjustment of wattage value. “TC Mode” includes coil types, adjustment of preheat wattage value and TCR Setting.

So to adjust wattage or temperature, go to the menu and click on output mode setting (left icon).

Puff Setting

The puff setting includes set limited puff numbers. It displays the number of puffs you have taken, you can adjust the number of puffs, and you can reset the number of puffs taken.

Screen Setting

In the screen setting menu you can set the screen time display and adjust the colors for the screen. There are six colors available.

System Setting

In the system setting, you can check UUID (Universally Unique Identifier) of the device, fine-tune the resistance value, restore the factory settings, and select “Power Off” to turn off the device.

It’s important to become familiar with the user interface that way you can customize your vaping experience to the way you want it!

How to lock the screen

The Species Mod features a touch screen so this means the wattage and settings can be messed with while vaping or if it’s in your pocket or purse (we highly advise to put your mod in a safe/secure place). Luckily the mod features a screen locking button located at the bottom of the touch screen. The screen locking button makes locking/unlocking the screen simple and secure.

To lock the screen just click on the screen lock button and then the screen will turn black, but the mod will still fire (unless the fire key is locked). To unlock the screen just hold the screen lock button for 5 seconds or less.

The Species 230W Mod by Smok combines high-tech and vaping to bring you a wonderful vaping experience. Although it has advanced features and a touch screen, the Species is user friendly and easy to use.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I turn the mod on and off?

To turn the mod on click the fire button five times. The same goes for turning the mod off.

How do I lock the fire button?

Click on the fire button three times to lock it.

How do I lock the screen?

Press the button underneath the touch screen to lock the screen. The screen will turn black, but don’t worry the mod is still on and will fire.

How do I adjust the wattage or temperature settings?

You can do this on the main interface or by going in the output mode setting. Click the menu button located on the upper right hand side (four squares) of the main interface. Then click on output mode setting icon (the icon on the left). In that setting you can adjust the VW and TC controls.

Can the Species be charged with the Micro-USB port?

Yes! The mod includes a USB port that is used for firmware upgrades and to charge the batteries. So if you don’t want to change batteries frequently, then just recharge the mod via the USB port.

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