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How to Extend your E-liquids shelf life

Posted by Shirley L. on November 11, 2018

Treat your vape juice with care

We all know e-juice isn't cheap, and we want to do everything in our power to make it last until the very last drop, especially if it's your favorite e-juice! Vape juice does expire over time, there really is no definitive expiration date other than the standard recommend 1 year expiration date. But keeping your e-liquids stored properly can expand their shelf life. Below are some tips to help make your vape juice have a longer shelf life.

Store in cool dry areas

Always remember to store in cool and dry places. Nicotine's worst enemies are the light, heat, and air. So, it is crucial to store your e-juices right away after usage. It's essential to store them away from heat or sunlight, so a cupboard or a box in a cool place would work perfectly. Do not leave them in direct sunlight, like your car. If you are on the road and have your handy vape juice, do not forget to take the bottle with you. Cars can get very hot when left unattended, so don't make the mistake of leaving your favorite e-juice in there. Your e-liquid will turn watery and you can no longer vape it. Unless you like e-juices with funky tastes.

Seal your E-juice

Before you properly store your e-juices make sure they are sealed as tight as possible. Like it was said earlier one of nicotine's enemy is air, its reaction to oxygen leads to loss of nicotine if it is exposed to air for too long. To prevent this from happening make sure to always seal your bottles real tight.

Store E-juice in glass bottles

It is best to store your e-juice in glass or tinted glass bottles. This may be difficult if you purchased e-juice that is packaged in plastic instead of glass. If it's a juice that you plan on vaping fast or just for short term storage then a plastic bottle is fine. If you plan on storing it for a while then consider transferring the e-liquid into a glass bottle. Be careful when transferring the e-liquid, make sure that air does not get trapped in the bottle. These simple tips will save you money, and extend the shelf life of your favorite e-juices.

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Shirley L.
Shirley L.
Shirley is a writer for Vapebox. Her current favorite e-juice is Naked 100 Lava Flow. When she's not researching or writing on the vape industry, she enjoys hiking and all things nature. Photography is also one of her other favorite past-times.
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