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4 Awesome Tips for Increasing Your MODs Lifespan

Posted by Ryan on January 18, 2018

4 Awesome Tips for Increasing Your MOD’s Lifespan

As a vaper, one of the most expensive and intimate investments you’ll ever make is your very own mod.The device you hand pick is dear to your heart, and you care about it more than you probably care to admit. Since you treat it like a baby and hold it close to you, chances are you want to make sure it lasts as long as possible. We’re here to give you 4 awesome tips to increasing your favorite MOD’s lifespan.

Consistent Tank Cleaning

Like any other type of machinery that gets heavy use, MOD tanks need proper cleaning to maintain function. Unfortunately, most vapers don’t realize this - or if they do, they choose to willfully ignore the truth. It’s easy to lapse in cleaning your tanks, since it is somewhat time consuming.  Sometimes vapers will go up to ten or even 20 tanks before cleaning, especially if they use the same flavors over and over. Drip tips will only be washed when remembered. This is an astoundingly bad habit. To increase the lifespan of your MOD, you’ll want to rinse out your tanks every two or three cycles with water before putting in new liquid. Drip tips should be washed daily to ensure no harmful bacteria cling on and new sticky buildup that could clog up the machinery occurs.

Proper Battery Storage

No matter what you do, batteries will begin to lose capacity over time. Battery technology is still being researched extensively, and currently most high quality batteries will retain 100% capacity for around 250 cycles. However, improper storage can drastically decrease that cycle span. High heat and high humidity environments will discharge the battery, and spots where temperature fluctuates often will lead to battery casing deformities. These deformities could possibly lead to cracks in the casing, creating hazardous conditions for you and those around you.  Therefore, it’s crucial to store your batteries in cool and dark spots, where they’ll be in minimal contact with humidity and heat. This will ensure your batteries continue to work as promised for longer than even you expect.

More Cleaning

Cleaning cannot be stressed enough. It’s by far the simplest way to ensure your MOD lasts beyond its promised lifespan. Tank cleaning definitely helps, but properly disassembling and cleaning all the parts of your MOD gives it that extra oomph to properly function.  Experts recommend cleaning the outside of your MOD with a damp cloth once a day to keep grim from creeping into the cracks around buttons and rarely used areas. Once a week, you should also take your MOD apart and thoroughly scrub wherever you can reach with a q-tip or other small scrubber.

Lower Voltage

All devices, from simple e-cigarettes to MODs, have recommended voltage ranges to work in. MODs have by far the greatest range in voltage, as the extreme customizability inherent to the device allows for voltage to span a greater amount than usual. However, high voltage means more power coursing through the entire device. We recommend not using ridiculously high voltages unless absolutely necessary, as extremely high voltage can potentially damage or wear your device much faster than lower voltages. Don’t let your favorite MOD die faster than it has to. With some thorough cleaning and proper attention to storage, you’ll be able to keep your MOD performing as best it can. Lower voltage and attention to power output will let you maximize the longevity of your MOD. You’ll thank your device for the endless amazing vaping sessions it gives you, and it’ll thank you for the precise care you give.

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