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The Importance of a Clean Vape Tank

Posted by Johnson on October 22, 2018

The benefits of a clean vape tank

As you continue experimenting with new flavors, new vaping devices and styles, you will come to a point where you get the perfect mix to give you the ideal experience. However, if you do not clean your tanks regularly, then things might not be as smooth. It doesn’t matter whether you are using a mod, portable vaporizer, or even a regular e-cigarette (non-disposable), regular cleaning is essential!
With that said, here are just a few of the many benefits of having a clean vape tank

Great flavor

One of the reasons why you are advised to clean your vape tank at least once a week is so that you can get the most flavor out of your e-juice. One of the biggest things that ruins the flavor of e-juice is called ‘flavor ghosting’. Flavor ghosting happens when you change e-liquid flavors, but you don’t clean your tank before doing so. This leaves a mixture of the previous e-juice dripped and the new flavor. If you leave it as so then you are not getting the full potential of the new e-juice flavor. To prevent this, ensure that your tank is clean before switching flavors. It is the only way of eliminating coats of old e-juice.

Boost performance

In order for your vaping device to perform optimally, the vape tank must be clean. Your vape device’s performance is affected by the buildup of gunk. Particularly, if you use flavors that are high in Vegetable Glycerine (VG) content. With time, if the tank is not cleaned gunk tends to build up. This gunk might get into your atomizer and ruin the taste of your e-liquid. The gunk might also get into the vents and jeopardize air circulation in your vaping device. This could lead to overheating, which will ruin your vaping experience, by either burning you or leading to dry hits.

Hygiene purposes

Everyone's vaping styles vary. Some styles will end up with you dripping saliva in the tank, through the mouthpiece, at the end of the vape session. As such, the bacteria from our mouth gets to the tank. So, you cannot imagine the amount of germs that get to your vape tank if you share your vaping device. To get rid of bacteria, it is important that you clean your tank regularly. Unless you are changing flavors, you will not need to clean your tank after every vaping session. If not, cleaning once or twice a week should be enough. However, if you just bought a new flavor and want to experience all its goodness, cleaning is essential. For those who don't know how to clean their vape tanks, there are easy procedures that can be followed, just make sure that the tank is detached from the batteries and atomizer. You can use plain warm water or a mixture of warm water and a mild detergent, if your vape tank will allow it. If harsh detergent is used, it will leave odors and taste that will mix with your e-liquid and ruin the flavor. After cleaning, ensure that you rinse properly and allow it to dry before assembling your device. Drying will help eliminate any water that might dilute your e-liquid. After washing and drying your tank, you should get a fresh vape, if not, it might be time to get a new tank.

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