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Important New Vapebox Updates

Posted by Evelyn on September 21, 2017

Hello Vapebox Family!!

We’ve made a handful of changes these past few months. We listened to your feedback and want you to be completely happy with our service. The palate preference section has been upgraded with a dislike section as well as hardware preferences. We are working on a favorites section that will allow you to wish list your favorite juices in upcoming boxes.

We are proud to announce are revamped BILLING CYCLE that is effective 7/1/16. Please read as this is a major change with our service.

Billing Information

Your Vapebox will now be put into the shipping queue AS SOON AS you are billed.

This means that you are able to choose your monthly billing date. As soon as you are billed, your Vapebox will be packaged and shipped out.  We will give a few examples so it will make more sense. 

Example #1: A new subscriber signs up for Vapebox on August 1st. After being billed, we will begin packaging this August Vapebox. It should take no longer than a week to receive your Vapebox after you are billed (international orders may take longer). The subscriber is billed next on September 1st and receives the September Vapebox within a week of payment. Of course, the user can change their billing date to any day of the month if desired.

Example #2: An existing subscriber has a billing date on July 15th. They are charged on the 15th, and the July Vapebox ships out a few days later.

-All new subscribers will be billed upon sign up. Their next billing date is the same day of the following month.

-All existing subscribers currently have billing date set to the 15th. We encourage you to change it to whichever date works best for you!

-Everyone will be receiving their monthly themed boxes at different times according to their billing dates.

Palate Preferences

We recently added a flavor dislikes section as well as extended hardware preferences!

Our favorite flavors are now categorized: bakery & desserts, candy, cereal, coffee, custards, creams & vanilla, and fruits.

Our dislike flavors are listed as: tea & herbal, banana, berries, cinnamon, nuts, melons, citrus, chocolate, mints & menthol, and tobacco.

Example: Mike loves fruit flavors. However, he hates bananas, and is allergic to citrus. By favoriting ‘fruit’ flavors and disliking ‘banana’ and ‘citrus’, Mike can still receive a Vapebox full of fruit flavors that do not contain any banana or citrus flavorings.

Our hardware preferences have expanded to help gauge the interests of our community. Instead of the general categories RDA/Tanks, you can now specify specific types such as RDAs, RTAs, and Tanks.

We have added a section for mods (mechanical / hybrid / variable voltage). Now you can let us know what types of mods you are interested in receiving.

If you are a fan of all three then select all three! This doesn't mean you'll be receiving a mod every month, but we will aim to only give you items that are highlighted in your hardware preferences.

We added these changes to make it easier for us to tailor your boxes the way you want them. We want to ensure you will receive items that you will use, and not just give away or throw away.

So what does this mean?

These are two major changes that are effective immediately. We did these based on feedback from you, our subscribers. We noticed the unhappiness with the long processing times and problems with having a generic palate. We want to ensure that Vapeboxes get into your hands faster, with items tailored to YOU.

Since we are tailoring our boxes more to your individual preferences, you may notice that not everyone will be receiving the same thing. In the past, all our RDA users got the same hardware, all our tank users got the same hardware, and everyone got the same e-liquid companies, but flavors were based on your preferences. This is changing.

You will still be receiving something new/different every month, but every Vapebox is more accurately tailored on a personal level. If you see someones Vapebox and notice that it has completely different items, or see that they received an e-juice that you don't have, it is because their box is tailored to them. 

We appreciate your patience as well as being actively involved. We absolutely love hearing from all of you guys and ask for you to continue giving us feedback or simply continue talking to us! 

Thank you for your constant support and we hope you like these new changes!

If you have any further questions regarding your preferences, or are still confused about the billing dates feel free to contact us. Just a reminder, our office hours are from Monday-Friday 10 a.m-5 p.m pacific time. Any e-mails after Friday will be answered Monday morning, and any e-mails sent after 5 p.m. will be answered the following morning. 

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Evelyn is a writer at Vapebox. She's passionate about two things: vaping and animals. She has been vaping for 5 years. Currently, her ADV is Red's Iced.
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