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More or Less Vape Wattage: You Decide

By Johnson Tran | Apr 20, 2018 | Vape Blog | 2 min read

Deciding the wattage and voltage you should use on your MOD can be difficult. With the recent advent of variable voltage and wattage capabilities and temperature control technology that decision can be even more confusing, as now you must deal with ranges of values that you may not even know the meaning of. Thankfully, there are some simple rules that tie together wattage, voltage, and the power that lies under the ultimate outcome of your vapor that’ll help you decide whether higher or lower voltage and wattage is the correct choice for you.

One of the major considerations you must take is what type of throat hit you want from your device. Throat hit is the feeling of vapor entering your mouth and hitting the back of your throat before entering your lungs. This feeling changes depending on multiple variables, including e-liquid sweetness, viscosity, and the all-important temperature. Temperature within your device is determined by the voltage and wattage input to your coils. As we all know, temperature is what determines the point at which e-liquid turns into vapor. By extension, wattage and voltage then determine how that e-liquid heats up and whether that heating is even or uneven. This can in turn change the throat hit of the vapor produced, since too high of a temperature will slightly singe the e-liquid. Alternatively, too low of a temperature and you won’t produce as much vapor, which’ll make for a weaker throat hit. For a stronger throat hit, you’ll most likely want a higher wattage. Don’t make it too high, or you’ll get a burnt aftertaste. For a weaker throat hit, just turn the wattage down. However, don’t turn it too far down or you won’t produce any vapor at all.

Another reason you may consider changing your voltage and wattage is innate to the MOD you’re using. Your device may be built and modified to be better at one specific task in the vaping world. Perhaps you are a cloud chaser, and your MOD has been fine-tuned to produce gigantic clouds of vapor. Or maybe you are just a sub-ohm fanatic, determined to achieve the lowest possible resistance in your device without setting it on fire. Either way, your voltage and wattage preferences will drastically differ. If your MOD is better for cloud chasing, then you’ll want as much wattage as you can realistically get. High wattage and low resistance gives the biggest cloud that the current technology can offer. If you’re just trying to sub-ohm and not go for those huge clouds, then you realistically won’t want as high of a wattage. High wattages can introduce dangers such as battery overheating to the mix. You must keep in mind that your preferred wattages and voltages will change as you modify the device more. Taking parts out or adding new ones will absolutely change the optimal voltage and wattage.

Generally, the wattage and voltage you use will depend on the vapor type you are trying to achieve. In conjunction with the MOD’s personality, choosing the right wattage for the task at hand will produce results that you may have never dreamed of. Even with these guidelines in mind, experiment a little bit. Tweak those wattages up and down to find that perfect, optimal power.


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