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Why Do People Talk Negatively About Vaping?

Posted by Evelyn V. on August 29, 2018

Unfavorable Opinions Circulating Vape Culture

Vaping is on the rise in many places in the United States, yet the conversation about this new and exciting way of smoking may seem a little askew. Some people focus on negative aspects of vaping without accepting the positive aspects. The following are a few negative things people talk about concerning vaping that have no basis.

Vaping Is not social Activity

One major issue that some people do not like is that vaping is not a social activity. A person who chooses to vape has the right to vape no matter other people’s opinion, as long as it’s not harming anyone and it is acceptable to smoke in that given area. The fact is that smoking regular cigarettes is not socially acceptable in a lot of situations, so people see vaping as no different to smoking a cigarette.

Not as Cool

Another problem that some people seem to have with people who vape is that it is seen as lame or not cool. No one can deny the cool factor associated with smoking things like cigarettes, this association was made by the media. Vaping is pretty new and has not gotten the kind of association that cigarettes have gotten in the early days when there were no health risk factors connected.

Nothing but Nicotine

A whole group of people out there do not like vapers because they believe that vaping is just another form of nicotine. Now, there is some truth to that since some e-liquids do contain ingredients like nicotine. There are some people who have begin the process of vaping in order to quit cigarettes, which allows the user to reduce the amount of nicotine used. Sure, nicotine is added to e-juice, but it is usually in a more purified blend, which makes each e-liquid puff a little different from what some might expect. There are also no nicotine e-juices if people prefer.

Waste of money

Some vape haters refuse to have a conversation about the changes smoking is going through. They say that vaping is just as expensive as regular smoking. This is not true because you simply do not have to purchase things like the e-liquid or vape batteries as often as someone who purchases cigarettes. Furthermore, things can get pretty expensive for regular smokers if they smoke a few packs a day. It all really depends on how often people choose to purchase new hardware and e-juices. People can spend their money however they want, but vaping will be significantly less.

Vaping is restrictive

Vape haters say that those who vape are trapped and forced to vape in one form only. You can choose to smoke one substance if you choose to since it is your vaping experience. It might not be widely known, but those who vape have a lot of options. For example, those who like organic products should be happy to know that vaping makes that very possible. You also have the option to select VG/PG level preference, TFN nicotine e-juices (synthetic nicotine), organic e-juices, etc. Those who want to keep vaping from becoming as popular as cigarettes might say that vaping is restrictive, but it actually is freeing.

It is clear to see that vaping deserves a chance. Sure, vaping is changing the way people inhale recreational substances, but that is okay. It is important to look at both sides of the spectrum, not just the negative sides of vaping. No one is saying that those who do not like vaping have to do join the community or start vaping. They should simply accept and understand those who love vaping.

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Evelyn V.
Evelyn V.
Evelyn is a writer at Vapebox. She's passionate about two things: vaping and animals. She has been vaping for 5 years. Currently, her ADV is Red's Iced.
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