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Is it Possible to Overcharge Your Vaping Device?

Posted by Shirley L. on December 22, 2018

Is it possible to overcharge your vaping device?

You may have heard stories from vapers, or even read an article online, about the consequences of overcharging your vaping devices like portable e-cigarettes or mods. The results of overcharging have been reported to lead to dead batteries or worst case scenario an exploded mod. It is important to get the facts straight about overcharging your devices. So what stories are fact and which ones are fiction?

Today's modern devices are safe to use

With a few very rare exceptions, the idea that an e-cigarette or mod can overcharge is largely fiction. The device will not overcharge even if it is left plugged into an outlet for a day or more. Charging the device for any amount of time will not degrade performance or shorten the life of the battery. It will not cause fires to start or the device to explode. Modern devices such as variable voltage mods that are in good working condition cannot be overcharged.

Technology has Advanced

You must remember that technology has advanced significantly since electronic cigarettes became popular. The modern lithium-ion batteries used in electronic vaping devices contain circuitry. The vape chargers for them do as well. The circuitry in these devices is to ensure the battery never fully discharges. Lithium-ion batteries do not have a charge memory like previous nickel cadmium or other batteries. Additionally, the chargers will actually turn OFF once the battery reports a full charge. This removes any chance of overcharging these devices.

Rare exceptions to the rule

There are some potential exceptions, although these are rare. It may be possible to overcharge your vaping device if multiple parts are damaged or malfunctioning. This could be the battery, the charger, or even potentially the device itself. Another rare exception is if a device such as a mechanical, hybrid, or regulated mod uses a nickel cadmium or other type of battery that can be overcharged. There are also situations that people attribute to overcharging that really have nothing to do with the battery. One common example is an e-liquid leak. A leak on an automatic model can destroy or degrade the battery. These types of problems contribute to the myth of overcharging.

Why is Unplugging still a good idea?

Although it is not possible to overcharge your vaping device, it is still a good idea to unplug the device after it is fully-charged. One of the main reasons for this is to protect the device from power surges that could harm the electronic device. Another reason is to help the environment and save power. Keeping a fully-charged electronic device plugged in will still draw a small amount of electricity. Unplugging overall, regardless, is simply a good policy to follow.

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Shirley L.
Shirley L.
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