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How to Store Your E-juice Properly to Avoid Flavor Loss

Posted by Shirley on February 20, 2018

How to Store Your E-juice Properly to Avoid Flavor Loss

Getting the Most Flavor out of your E-juice

When it comes to seeking the best flavor from your vape juice, learning e-juice safety goes hand and hand. Here we cover the basic topics.

  • Storing your e-liquid- Reasoning behind safely storing your e-liquid
  • Practices to maximize flavor- Cleanse your palate for pure flavors
  • Clean your Hardware- Maintain your Hardware for best vaping experience

Every vaper should have good understanding and have done research on e-juice before using it. If you are new to vaping or have any specific questions, feel free to contact our customer support.

Consumer Information on basic e-juice safety

Vape juice commonly contains Nicotine, Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, and other flavoring additives. It is a very delicate substance and should be treated with care like any other household products for safe distribution and consumption.

E-juice is rated to last an average of 1-2 years of shelf-life according to data collected from manufacturers, consumers, and FDA Standards.

Or in other words, your vape juices will roughly expires within 1-2 years. But what exactly happens when vape juice is expires?

E-juice Expiration Explained

Almost every consumable produce is perishable, that includes e-juice. As e-liquid comes closer to its expiration date (or further from its bottled date), it loses key components and becomes unsafe to consume. What and why is exactly happening as your e-juice expires?

As an e-juice expires, it drastically loses flavor.

Over time, nicotine stimulation deteriorates and flavor loss occurs. It is safe to assume that nobody wants to vape an e-juice that has lost it’s flavor.

Safely storing your vape juice is simplest method to slowing down expiration.

Vape Juice Storage

The manufacturing of your Vape Juices are mixed from a pharmaceutical grade laboratory of FDA safety standards. Though your home may not be able to reach these highly maintained standards, there are simpler actions you can take to recreate a healthy environment to store your vape juice and retain its flavor.

Bottling and Care

Most commonly, e-juice bottling comes in plastic chubby gorilla bottles or the dropper glass bottles. Topped off with a child-resistant cap, it also prevents exposure to air (or oxidization).

When you are storing e-liquid, keep it away from children and household animals.
Nicotine (like many other household goods) is poisonous and there can be tragedies if you aren’t careful with your e-liquid.

Find a location, such as a kitchen cupboard, where you vape juices is kept in room temperatures and store under fairly dark conditions. This method of steeping will also maximize e-liquid flavor.

Store away from Heat

One of the major concerns you should have about your e-liquids is its exposure to heat. There may not be any instantaneous changes in your juices, there are definitely long-term problems that may creep up with prolonged exposure to heat and humidity. These factors accelerate the expiration date, ultimately resulting in loss of flavor.

The most critical factor affecting freshness and quality of e juice is heat, hence why keeping your juices stored properly during rising temperatures is critical.

But why does heat speed up the expiration?

To understand this, we need to dive into the chemical properties of e-liquid. Each mix of e-juice is made up of a combination of atoms and molecules to provide a unique flavor.

Simply put, heat speeds up the molecules altering the original flavor's formula. This results in what would normally be accurate flavors suddenly turning into bland tastes.

Practices to maximize flavor

One of the worst things to experience while vaping is loss of flavor. This situation is known as “vapers tongue syndrome”. Vaping the same e-liquid constantly will cause your taste buds to get accustomed to the flavors. Instead of ditching your all day vape, we will give you tips on how to minimize flavor loss.

Smell coffee beans

Although it's called vapers tongue, it’'s more than just our taste buds that are being affected.

Our olfactory senses, the top of our nasal passage, are also affected. Our olfactory senses are important because they allow us to identify unique flavors like strawberry, blueberry, chocolate, etc.

This is why you may have seen coffee beans around the perfume department at the mall. If you start noticing flavor loss then grab a few coffee beans and take a big whiff! This will help your olfactory senses to wake up.

Stay hydrated

This tip may be obvious, but people seem to forget it the most. Stay hydrated when you’r'e vaping! Dehydration is a big reason why e-liquid flavors start to taste less intense.

Our mouths contain a lot of moisture, and vapor is known to absorb moisture. When your mouth is dry a thin film forms inside your mouth and prevents the tongue and olfactory senses from identifying flavors and odors.

Always stay hydrated when you vape, it is the key to maintaining a flavorful vaping experience.

Switch it up

Most vapers are guilty of having one e-liquid that they love and can’t stop vaping. The downside to finding your all day vape is that your senses get accustomed to the flavors and those flavors start to get dull the more you vape.

The best way to avoid this situation is to have 2-3 e-liquids in rotation. Make sure the flavors are distinct. For example, if your all day vape is a strawberry baked good, make sure your rotation of e-juices do not contain strawberry as its main flavor.

Remember to go bold with the flavor rotation to wake up your senses; chocolate, coffee, menthol, or anything that is distinctly different from your choice of vape juice.

Here are some recommendation for a faster result. Arctic Blizzard by USA Vape Lab, is a pure menthol flavor that would surely wake up your senses with a couple of hits. If you are not a fan of menthol, a citrus/lemon flavor like Pink Lemonade by Vapetasia is another option. The sweet lemonade flavor from Pink Lemonade will kick start your senses again.

These are just a few suggestions on bold e-liquids that will help get rid of your vapers tongue. If coffee, lemon, or menthol are not flavors you enjoy, you could go with flavors you are comfortable with. Remember to have juice rotations of different bold flavors.

Unsweetened lemonade

Shock your senses by drinking or eating something extremely sour. Drinking a glass of unsweetened lemonade or sucking on a lemon is a good way to get your taste buds going.

If you don’t like lemonade, or already vaping on a lemon flavor, then we suggest going a different route. Eat citrus fruits like pineapples, oranges, or grapefruits. Trying either of these methods will help reset your senses.

No more cigarettes

Ex-smokers who make the switch to vaping tend to experience vaper's tongue syndrome more than usual. Smoking cigarettes hinders your sense of taste, but quitting helps improve those senses. Once an ex-smoker begins vaping their senses get exhausted from all the different flavors and shut down. Eventually your senses will go back to normal, but it is important to quit cigarettes to avoid muddling your e-juice flavors.

Eat chocolate

Take a break from vaping and eat some chocolate! Eat a piece of dark or milk chocolate to surprise your taste buds with a bold, creamy flavor. This tip may not work for you, but it doesn’t hurt to try!

If you don’t want to indulge in chocolate, then go with our tip from earlier and vape a chocolate e-liquid or any strong vape flavor.

Keep your hardware clean

We want you to experience e-liquid flavors to their fullest potential. There are three things that will help you achieve that: keeping your hardware clean, changing your cotton, and replacing your coils.

Cleaning your devices

This is crucial, especially if you switch flavors often. Your atomizer, whether you’re using an RDA, RTA, or tank, needs to be cleaned at least once a week. If you chain vape, then try to clean it at least twice a week.

Keeping your atomizer clean will remove all the residue from the different e-liquid flavors you’ve tested and it will help remove bacteria build up from the drip tip.

For tanks, we recommend taking them apart and soaking it in warm water and soap for 10-15 minutes. After it is done soaking, rinse it with warm water and let it dry completely.

For RDA’s and RTA’s, remove the top cap and rinse it with warm water. You can do a more thorough clean on rebuildable atomizers before you start a new build.

Cleaning your devices regularly will help you get the best flavor from your e-juice. It will also help keep your hardware in great condition!

Changing cotton

For those who prefer rebuildable atomizers remember to change your cotton. Testing out different e-juices leads to your cotton getting muddled with an array of flavors.

If you are vaping regularly and switching flavors then remember to change your cotton everyday or every other day. Once the cotton gets really dark and you can no longer distinguish different flavors of e-juice then you know it is time to change your cotton, unless you are using cbd vape oil.

Replace coils regularly

It is important to regularly replace your coils on your atomizers. With rebuildable atomizers, simply take off the top cap and examine your coils. If your coils are dark and has some residue on them then take them off and replace them.

Tanks are a little tricky because you can’t really see gunk build up on the coil. We recommend replacing tank coils every week or two depending on your vaping frequency.

If you are getting a burnt taste while vaping then change the coil immediately.

Here's a tip! If you do not know how to examine your coils on a sub-ohm tank, use the puff counter on your mod (if available). Keep track of how many time you pull from your vape, and identify when your coils normally need a change. Always have a pack of replacement coils for your tank handy!

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