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Sub-Ohm Vaping: Vapebox Guide to Cloud Chasing

Posted by Ryan G. on October 31, 2019

Sub-Ohm Vaping: Vapebox Guide to Cloud Chasing

Vaping has been long regarded as a safer alternative to cigarettes. Whether or not someone wants to taper off and use vaping as part of a nicotine reduction program, or simply wants an alternative to chemical-laden, cancer-causing cigarettes, vaping gives adults choices in how they enjoy their nicotine. As former smokers explore vaping, a number of alternatives become available. One of them is sub-ohm vaping. In this article, we want to show you the basics of sub-ohm vaping, the safety issues involved, and how you can enjoy this style of vaping.

The Advantages of Sub-Ohm vaping

Sub-ohm vaping is a style that tons of users enjoy (for good reason):

  • This style of vaping creates a larger cloud with more intense flavor, allowing a full lung inhalation when vaping
  • This vaping style also creates flavorful and warm clouds for an enjoyable full lung draw
  • Cloud chasing is appealing to many vaping enthusiasts. sub-ohm vapes allow for the blowing of large, warm clouds, with many tricks and effects.

What is Sub-Ohm Vaping

Many vapes have replacement coils that have a resistance of 1 Ohm or more. An Ohm is a measurement of electrical resistance, and the lower the Ohm rating, the less resistance electricity faces when the current runs through the atomizer coils of a vaping device. This in turns allows vape enthusiast to increase the amperage and power output of their devices.

This power boost increases the overall density of vapor a vape user can inhale with each hit as higher amperage increases the amount of vape liquid atomized and made into vapor. To achieve the wattage needed for sub-ohm vaping, you’ll want to invest in a high-quality variable wattage box mod or squonk mod.

What is a Sub-Ohm tank?

The major difference between traditional vaping tanks and sub-ohm equipment is that these kinds of vape tanks have coils with a resistance of less than 1 ohm, allowing for higher wattage, higher temperature for vape juice, and a vape cloud that’s larger and warmer than a standard vape. This can be important for former smokers who prefer a warmer hit and inhale.

Sub-ohm vaping was originally developed as a way to bypass the resistance limits on conventional regulated devices that were available at the time. However, modern equipment can now reproduce the effects that most Cloud Chasers are seeking without the need for a custom setup. 

Online you can find many a sub-ohm vaping chart. These charts index wattage versus ohm rating on a vape tank, giving an idea of how large a vape cloud can be generated. Some even give you diameter graphics of clouds. This is a good subject to discuss with the professionals at your local vape shop, or you can reach out to us at Vapebox directly. Each vape tank set up is different, and what is displayed on a chart can be different depending on the vape mod you are using. 

Is sub-ohm vaping safe?

Absolutely! But you still want to make sure you are following some important safety guidelines.

Sub-ohm vaping gear involves adjusting your VV/VW mods, mechanical mods or e-cigarette gear. When you sub-ohm vape, the amperage will increase. This means that overall wattage and battery heat will also increase. The battery will heat up and drain more quickly since more power is being used. Thus, it’s important to:

  • Keep your vaping gear clean and in good order at all times. Just like with regular vaping, it’s important to keep all of your mods clean, battery well wrapped and cared for, and so on. Vapes should be cleaned every time you refill the reservoir with vape juice. All parts of your vape should be cleaned with a cotton swab, including the reservoir, channels, and every other part of your vape gear.
  • Never exceed the amperage limit of your battery. This can result in overheating your battery. Fires and explosions can occur. Contact Vapebox or consult with your local vape shop about the vaping equipment that you use to make sure that you don’t exceed the amperage limit. Also, make sure that your battery is properly wrapped and replace it immediately if it becomes damaged.

What is the Best Vape for Clouds?

The best type of vaping equipment for making clouds is generally regarded to be any sub-ohm vape. In terms of stats, we recommend vapes with a power output of at least 30W. For vape juice, blends that utilize more vegetable glycerin (VG) are superior to propylene glycol (PG) based blends. No more than 0.6% nicotine should be used in your juice because of the enhanced vapor production. You should experiment and be careful, all the while keeping your tank clean and well cared for. This gear should produce large, warm clouds that enable you to enjoy a full lung draw.

Sub-Ohm Drawbacks

For all the advantages of sub-ohm vaping, there are also drawbacks. While sub-ohm vaping is a great choice for any experienced vaper, here are some things that you should bear in mind:

  • Sub-ohm vaping can be very intense for new vapers since the flavor is stronger, and the pull is a full-lung one. Sub-ohm vaping should only be attempted by experienced vapers who can account for the intense, full lung experience.
  • Sub-ohm vape gear is generally more expensive than regular vaping gear and is somewhat more complicated to use and maintain.
  • This vaping gear runs through vape juice at a much quicker rate, usually 3 times faster.
  • This kind of equipment needs to be cleaned more frequently and is usually more expensive than regular vaping mods.
  • Your coils will burn out faster and need to be replaced more frequently than in regular vaping equipment.

The More You Know

As an informed vaper, make sure that you do your research and check out all your options. Vaping is an enjoyable alternative to smoking and we here at Vapebox welcome you to contact us if you are in need of any further information.

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Ryan G.
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