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How to Survive Vaping in the Winter

Posted by Johnson on October 3, 2018

It's Always Vaping Season

Winter is a beautiful season, but it’s also the season to take many precautions to survive the cold. We may not be able to give you tips on how to survive the cold winter days, but we can help make sure your vape survives this season! We will be giving a few tips on how to ensure your devices and e-juices survive the harsh winter.

Tip #1: Pick your drip tip wisely

For those who live in harsh cold weather than you already know that frostbite is something crucial to avoid. Metal surfaces tend to get extremely cold in the weather, so we advise to avoid using metal drip tips during this time. Metal drip tips will just add unnecessary cold on your lips, and it may cause your lips to get stuck on the drip tip. Although that sounds a bit funny, it won’t be funny anymore if it happens to you! So invest in plastic, rubber, or even glass drip tips if you plan on vaping outdoors.

Tip #2: Keep your e-cigarette batteries warm

This tip is especially important for avid vapers! Make sure to keep your e-cigarette in your coat pocket if you are outdoors, keeping the batteries warm is essential for them to function properly.

Your e-cig’s batteries uses energy to power up your device, so in normal weather this is no problem. In cold weather the chemical reactions that take place in batteries become less efficient thus making the battery work less efficient. The batteries will need more energy to power up your e-cig, and since it is working harder then your battery life will decrease a lot faster than usual. This is why it is important for people who vape frequently to make sure their device is kept warm while they are outdoors.

Tip #3: Pick the Right E-Juice and keep it warm

In cold weather higher VG e-liquids tend to take on a more syrup type of texture which will make wicking your coil a lot harder. This will cause dry hits and burning cotton wicks which no one likes! So try to choose e-liquids with at least 50% PG, or higher PG than VG. If you are allergic to PG please do not follow this tip and just make sure to keep your max VG e-juice in a warm area.

If you can, try to keep your e-juices indoors. Fill up your tank to the brim with your favorite e-juice and leave your e-juice at home if you’re heading out into the cold. This will help you keep your e-juices at room temperature, and avoid the hassle of them freezing or becoming too thick!

Tip #4: Keep your device away from Moisture

For those who live in harsh winter conditions then make sure your device is safe from snow, and moisture if you are outdoors. Cold weather tends to make everything wet, there is more moisture outdoors so your clothes, hands, etc. get a little wet. Make sure your e-cigarette is protected from this! The last thing you want is a ruined device due to some water getting into it.

We hope these tips help you keep your e-cigarette from getting ruined by the cold weather. We want to make sure you keep your hardware and e-liquid safe and warm, and don’t forget to make sure you are warm and ready for the winter too!

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