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The Dreaded Vapers Tongue

Posted by Evelyn on July 11, 2017

If you've been vaping for a long time you most likely have experienced the dreaded vapers tongue.  Some of you  new vapers who haven't experienced it yet may not know what it is. Vapers tongue, or vapers fatigue, is  when you can no longer taste flavor of your e-juice, and your tongue even may be a little numb. 

Now don't panic, this isn't a serious medical condition and it can be easily fixed. But first let's explain the cause of this. Sense of taste and sense of smell are the two sources to tasting e-juice. While experiencing vapers tongue, you can vaguely taste the flavors, the lack of taste is a result from the lack of smell.  


Quitting Smoking

Vapers who have recently quit smoking are more prone to get vapers tongue. Smoking dulls your sense of taste, so when smokers switch to vaping your olfactory senses get overwhelmed by the intense flavors, thus your taste buds taking a break. 

Only vaping your favorite e-juice

Everyone has their all day vape that they love and constantly use, and we understand it can be hard to not vape it all the time, but add some variety! Vapers tongue is common if you are smoking the same ol' e-juice. Overexposure of just one flavor desensitizes your taste buds because you are so used to the taste. 


Vaping can lead to dehydration because the PG & VG in e-juice absorbs moisture. Your mouth contains a lot of moisture, and when it is absorbed from vaping it leaves a film on your tongue, shielding your tongue from tasting flavors. 

Being Sick

Sometimes simply having a cold, allergies or the flu reduces your sense of smell, which then reduces your sense of taste. Simply wait to vape once you are fully recovered, your favorite e-juice will always be there waiting to be vaped!

No reason at all

This one can be frustrating. Sometimes vapers tongue happens just because. Some of the causes listed above may not be the reason for your lack of taste. Try to vape a strong flavor, like menthol to revitalize those taste buds. 


Switch it up

Change up your flavors every once in awhile, try to at least switch out your favorite e-juice for a newer one! Who knows maybe you'll find a new ADV. 


As stated above, dehydrating is a cause to vaper's tongue, so simply drink some water while vaping. It will help you keep hydrated and not ruin your taste experience.

Oral Health

Obviously brushing your teeth is good advice in general.  Residue from e-liquids build up on your tongue, thus affecting your sense of taste. That's why it is always good to regularly brush your teeth to remove that build up.

Shock your senses

You can do this in two different ways.  When you overexpose your sense of smell when searching for perfume they suggest to smell some coffee beans, in this case it is suggested to do the same. Smelling coffee grounds resets olfactory senses and can revive your taste buds.
Another way to shock your senses is vape a strong flavor. Try flavors like menthol or cinnamon, they are strong and will give your senses a bit of a shock.

Give it time

We know it is frustrating, but just give it some time. If you recently quit smoking it can take a few weeks to revitalize your senses , so just wait it out until your senses are adjusted. The same holds true when you're sick, wait until you are completely healthy again. So just give it some time, your sense of smell or taste will return!

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Evelyn is a writer at Vapebox. She's passionate about two things: vaping and animals. She has been vaping for 5 years. Currently, her ADV is Red's Iced.
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