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The Temp Control Age Is Among Us

By Ryan Goo | Nov 29, 2017 | Vape Blog | 2 min read

The Temp Control Age Is Among Us

Temperature control is a fairly new technology that has quickly entered the vaping industry. Able to simultaneously upgrade the user’s vape usability and the safety of the MOD itself, the temperature control system is a huge plus to any vaping setup. By integrating unbeatable technology with no visible extra add-ons to a device, the temp control module is both sleek and unnoticeable. But what exactly is temp control, how does it work, and why’s it so popular?

Temperature control is a system that's able to accurately keep the temperature of coils stable at whatever temp you decide to set it to. Without this system, pulling would temporarily increase the temperature far beyond the desired temp and would’ve negative effects on the taste and texture of the outgoing vapor. Temperature control systems are able to achieve this feat by using mathematical formulas that can base temperature on resistance. The metals commonly used in coils (i.e. kanthal, steel, and others) reliably increase with the resistance increase. By monitoring the resistance, the system automatically adjusts the power output of the device to keep the temperature constant. 

This sounds fancy and technical, but why would you want a system like this? There are so many answers that it’s almost impossible to fit them into one article. One of the best outcomes having a temp control system gives you is the much increased safety. Temp control systems give devices another safety mechanism to keep batteries from critically overheating. It also keeps wicks from burning, provided you know the correct temperature to vape at. Another benefit is the expansion of wick, coil, and battery life. The system keeps coils from getting too hot, meaning that wicks will never get burnt unless you are vaping at too high of a temperature anyway. Coils will also not experience the extreme stress that they would under regular vaping conditions, as they never reach above the heats required to power them correctly. Battery life increases substantially, as there’s no extra strain on them other than the necessary amount to power them correctly.

If you go online, you’ll see most if not all of the vapers in cloud chasing videos and vape trick videos have a temp control system in their specs. The precise control temp systems offer is unparalleled, but that’s not the only reason they have become so popular. Those aforementioned YouTube videos, as well as the constant chatter of vapers in the local vape shops, give temp control a sort of cult status among vaping vets. This slowly spreads down to newer vapers, and the novelty of the system quickly captures the attention of anyone who hears about them. Combine the outstanding popularity with the insane usability, and you can easily see why temp control systems are so popular.

Because MODs sit at the forefront of technological advancement and vaping culture, it’s somewhat crucial to see whether temp control is right for you. To get a temperature control system for your device, you need to first consider the device you have. E-cigarettes and regular vapes aren’t able to integrate this technology yet, and a MOD is absolutely necessary. 

The temp control age is completely upon us and among us. Every other vaper you meet will either have a temp control system in their MOD or will be soon getting one. The safety, convenience, and overall better flavors


Ryan is a writer at Vapebox. He fully converted to vaping in 2014 and has been educating new vapers ever since.

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