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Three Tips To Help Steep Your E-liquids

Posted by Ryan on October 28, 2017

Three Quick Tips for Steeping Your E-Liquids


Steeping, a process in which you oxygenate and properly mix the e-liquid, is the primary way to bring the amazing flavors back to the forefront. The process is very similar to letting good wine age. There are numerous ways to steep and everyone has a different way to do it. However, there are some things you need to keep in mind when steeping e-liquids.


We’ve curated a few quick tips for steeping your e-liquids:

Steeping Tip #1: Patience

Patience is absolutely the number one trait you need when you steep e-liquids. Properly oxygenating your juice takes time, as oxygen molecules won’t bond unless given days of waiting. It can be very hard to just sit and wait for your e-liquid to properly steep. You’ll see yourself facing the questions of whether the wait is truly worth it, or whether the flavor is really going to be that much better post-steep. But you’ve to trust us - the wait is absolutely worth it.

By being patient, you’re letting all the proper steps occur and therefore are creating the perfect environment for all those luscious flavors to be brought out. You’re letting those chemical reactions occur, and in doing so are letting the flavor reach its true potential.

Steeping Tip #2: Pick a Good Spot

Steeping isn’t just about the action. It’s about finding a good spot to let the steeping e-liquid sit and react. E-liquids need a cool, dark spot in order to steep correctly. While shaking the bottle or running it under warm tap water are both recommended to speed up the process, you absolutely do not want to keep the e-liquid in a warm place for a week straight. 

The reasons for this are two-fold. First, keeping liquid in a warm place gives bacteria and other potentially harmful microbes a better environment to grow in. Secondly, you don’t want the reactions that occur in heat to happen all the time. Usually, chemical reactions that involve destroying bonds occur at higher temperature. Mostly done to get rid of accidentally created bonds in the e-liquid, placing heat around the bottle can unintentionally diminish the flavors in the liquid more than intended. For this reason, it’s wise to pick a nice cool and dark spot for the e-liquid to properly steep in.

Steeping Tip 3: Shake It Up

The most important step of steeping is the most vigorous. A good few shakes of the juice bottle can make all the difference when it comes to steeping. Some molecules in the juice are heavier than others, and will settle over time. This leads to differences in flavor, as the actual flavor molecules may not even be present in the drops of the e-liquid you put into the tank. Shaking mixes all of the settled molecules back into the liquid, giving it that return to flavor. Furthermore, you properly oxygenate the liquid when you shake it. 

Steeping your e-liquid takes time, patience, and a few critical steps. But when it’s said and done, you’ll have essential created the flavors that the creators wanted you to taste.


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Ryan is a writer at Vapebox. He fully converted to vaping in 2014 and has been educating new vapers ever since.
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