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Different Types Of Vapes Explained

Posted by Ryan G. on December 5, 2019

Different Types Of Vapes Explained

If you’re just starting out as a vaper, you may feel like there’s a lot to learn, and there is. Vaping is better than smoking and there are many different types of hardware pieces out there, not to mention so many different kinds of vape juice that it can make a newbie’s head spin. But, the first thing that you need to consider in order to get started is what kind of vaping device you wish to purchase.

You see, the vaping world is constantly expanding and evolving, which is why today’s market offers so many different styles in the form of a variety of devices. As you’ll soon discover each one can produce a dramatically different experience, whether it be enormous clouds or a more potent form of nicotine.

Types of Vapes that are Available Today

By breaking down the types of devices that are on the market today and what they’re for, you’ll be able to shop with ease.

Disposable Electronic Cigarettes

Disposable electronic cigarettes, also known as an e-cigs are the most non-committal and cheapest option you can go with. They’re designed for someone who doesn’t want to invest any time or effort into their vaping experience, as they simply provide users with a quick and easy way to enjoy nicotine. You can find these at gas stations, primarily. They are unlikely to satisfy former heavy smokers as the batteries are too weak to provide lots of vapor and a strong hit of nicotine. It’s also worth pointing out that they contain freebase nicotine.

Traditional Electronic Cigarettes

Next up, we have traditional e-cigarettes, or electronic cigarettes, which are just one step above the disposable variety. These do look and feel just like cigarettes, but they’re electronic devices. An e-cigarette also utilizes freebase nicotine, in low doses, and they have pretty weak batteries. They require replacement cartridges that screw into the batteries and contain the e-juice. Again, they are relatively weak, and so most vapers don’t stick with them for very long.

Mech Mods

Mech mods, or mechanical mods, are considered fairly advanced vaping mods. They are large, unregulated mods that operate directly off of the voltage of the battery. They aren’t really adjustable, as the power that they provide comes from the strength of the inhale rather than various settings that users can customize. These are used with freebase nic e-liquids, that are held inside of a tank that attaches to the mod. Mech mods are considered slightly more dangerous than more standard mods that are on the market, because they tend to not come with safety features, and are used at the user’s risk.

Pen-Style Mods

Pen-style mods are essentially one step up from e-cigarettes in terms of their power and ability to satisfy users’ specific needs. These consist of a pen-shaped mod, which contains a battery, and a tank that holds the e-liquid and coil. They tend to offer few customizable options, typically allowing a user to only switch between a small number of output settings. However, they are convenient, and a more portable choice for those who prefer freebase nicotine and still want vapor clouds.

Box Mods

Box mods are extremely popular, mainly because they’re very powerful, and used with sub-ohm systems. They tend to come with many different adjustable settings, including a wide range of wattages, temperature control options, and other output options. They are used with sub-ohm vape tanks which can hold a large amount of e-liquid, and allow an experienced vaper to switch out the coils routinely. Box mods tend to have display screens and navigation buttons that allow users to explore their settings easily. They’re relatively large and heavy, so they may not be a great choice for someone who wants something that’s easy to use and convenient. You can even get them in a starter kit or vape kit as they come with the tank and its compatible stainless steel coils (the heating element that makes it all happen). As far as vape battery power is concerned, that can also vary.

Squonking Devices

Squonking devices are not as popular, because they can be a bit of a hassle to maintain. However, they remain popular among advanced vapers. They are similar to vape mods - mainly box mods, except they utilize a small bag that sits inside of the mod and contains e-liquid. When the vaper wishes to fire a hit, they squeeze the bag, which allows a controlled amount of e juice to reach the coil of the atomizer. The atomizer that’s used is known as a BF RDA or a bottom-feeding rebuildable drip atomizer. The advantages of using this style of device include bigger clouds, stronger flavor, and more customizability. Cloud chasers especially love them!

Disposable Pod Devices

Disposable pod systems are, much like disposable e-cigs, for those who want the easiest and quickest way to enjoy their nicotine. But, what makes them unique is that they work with salt nic e-liquid, which cannot be compatible with anything other than a pod system. Salt-based nicotine is more potent, which is great for former smokers who want a strong hit of nicotine whenever they take a puff.

Disposable pod devices consist of a mod and a pod cartridge that contains a certain amount of salt nic e-liquid. When the e-liquid runs out, the pod device and cartridge are thrown out and replaced with a new set. They tend to have fixed output settings, which is not great for those who wish to customize their experience.

Traditional Pod Systems

Traditional pod systems are very popular these days, as they’re pocket-friendly, easy to use and compatible with salt nic vape juice. Traditional pod systems come in two styles: closed pod systems and open pod systems. Closed pod systems utilize pod vape cartridges that are pre-filled with e-liquid, while open pod systems have refillable pod cartridges that can be filled with any vape juice that contains liquid vape nicotine salts.

Traditional pod mods vary a lot in terms of style and features. Because they’re so popular, almost every hardware brand has many in their catalog. They boast different shapes, sizes, designs, and technological settings, making it great for those who are particular about every element of their vaping experience.

TC Pod Systems

TC pod systems are pod systems that have a temperature control feature. This feature allows users to select their output setting based on temperature rather than wattage. Essentially, what this feature does is control the temperature that the coil reaches when a hit is fired. It allows for a more consistent and more customizable vaping experience overall.

Vaporizers (herbal, wax, oil, and dabbing)

Lastly, we have portable vaporizers that are associated with herbs, waxes, oils, and dabs. These are a totally different market, although they are highly popular these days. There is a massive array of herb vaporizers, varying in terms of size, design, features, and power. Most of them are pocket-friendly, although some are large enough to boast enormous power. Most of them utilize built-in batteries for the convenience of the vaper. And, a lot of these vaporizers allow users to seamlessly switch between herbs, waxes, oils, and dabs by changing out a few different hardware pieces. It's herb vape at its best.

If you’re interested in this kind of vaporizer, explore the wide range of models that are on the market as each one is very unique.

It All Boils Down to Preference and Vaping Level

Knowing the differences between each of the types of systems above is key when it comes to customizing your experience to match your preferences. Use this guide in order to select the best vape device and corresponding style at the vape shop that you’d like to enjoy. And, make sure that you purchase your unit from a trusted, reliable company for the very best results possible.

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