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Vaping Etiquette: Tips for Polite Vaping

By Jesse Li | Jun 06, 2017 | Vape Blog | 2 min read

The vaping industry is constantly being mentioned in the media now, from FDA regulations to vaping incidents. With this constant scrutiny from the media it is important for us, vapers, to create a good image for our industry.  So we just want to give a few tips on how to politely vape in public, and how these little things can give the vaping community a better image!


Typically, public places will have signs posted, either "No smoking allowed", or "No electronic cigarettes allowed", but if you happen to run into a place that has no sign.. ASK. It doesn't hurt to ask an employee working there if it is okay to vape indoors or outdoors. Also be considerate about the people around you. Ask the people around you if they mind you vaping, this will help avoid any awkward or negative situations from arising. Who knows, it can even lead to small talk about vaping! 

Also don't be rude to cigarette smokers around you, don't act like you are better than them because you switched to vaping. Being considerate about others surrounding you and asking can possibly lead to providing information to cigarette smokers about vaping, mods, e-juices, etc.

Don't Cloud Chase 

Although we know vaping is safe, and clouds do not mean danger, other people don't. If you're in public vaping huge clouds, you will make someone uncomfortable and it can lead to negative situations or altercations. Just don't do it. If you're in a smoking area at a bar, or anywhere, blow vapor downwards and hold it in a little longer before exhaling. Feel free to blow all the clouds your heart desires in the comfort of your own home, or in a vape friendly environment.


Be respectful of other people. Not everyone knows what vaping is, and they may have made negative assumptions about it because of the media. So do not add fuel to fire. Don't force your vapor upon someone who is unfamiliar to it, so it is always important to be respectful and ask. 
Most importantly, be respectful towards parents. Do not vape if children are present. Any parent who is unfamiliar with vaping does not want any clouds of smoke around their children. 

Don't be that jerk that tarnishes the vaping community reputation. Taking these extra steps can demonstrate to people that vapers are considerate, and it could change people's minds about all the negative fuss that surrounding the vaping industry.
So remember,  ask before vaping, don't cloud chase, DO NOT VAPE AROUND CHILDREN, and be respectful. 


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