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Best Nicotine Salt E Liquid Flavors For 2019

Posted by Ryan G. on August 7, 2019

Best Nicotine Salt E Liquid Flavors For 2019

Salt e-juices have trended upwards since 2018. The vaping industry saw a huge shift with the rise of small compact devices spearheaded by the JUUL and JUUL alternatives. These devices were smaller, lower wattage, and produced less vapor. The biggest difference was that each of these devices used nicotine salts.

The following juices are meant to be used in pod systems. Alternatively, if you have a JUUL and are interested in trying different flavors, check out our favorite JUUL compatible pods.

Vapes are a great way to transition off of regular cigarettes. Smoking is bad for your teeth and vaping is safer than smoking traditional cigs. The following list of juices is our current best selling juices in 2019. We have arranged them by category for your convenience.

Best fruit nicotine salt flavors

Let's start with our best selling fruity flavors. Fruit flavors are a crowd favorite because of how accurately the flavor resembles the actual fruit. Vape companies are very good at making a blackberry or blueberry vape taste like berries as opposed to some dessert flavors where the taste is subjective. For example, out of all the donut flavors we've tried, the only one that we really enjoyed was from Mad Hatter.

Apple by Red's Apple Salt

Red's Apple salt nicotine vape juice

We love Red's Apple Salt! It's the salt version of one of our favorite vape juices Apple by Reds. No surprise that this is a top seller.

Apple by Red's Apple Salt is a blend of refreshingly crisp apples that is reduced to a sweet nectar and combined with nicotine salt to create a smooth and flavorful blend. The apple is sweet and first but hints of tartness join in on the exhale. Shop all products by Red's Apple Salt.

Flavor profile: Apple

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Lava Flow by Naked 100

Lava Flow salt nicotine vape juice

Another best seller, Lava Flow by NKD 100 Salt is a nicotine salt formulation of their Lava Flow flavor. It is a distinct amalgamation of rich strawberry infused with a refreshing swirl of coconut and pineapple inside one exuberant flavor profile. Shop all products by NKD 100 Salt.

Flavor profile: Strawberry, Coconut, Pineapple

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Grape by Blvk Unicorn Salt Nicotine

Grape salt nicotine vape juice by Blvk Unicorn

If you're into grapes, consider this staff pick. Grape by Blvk Unicorn will indulge your taste buds in the ultimate grape sensation, blending fresh plump purple grapes for a full spectrum of subtle and bold fruit notes with every vape. Shop all products by Blvk Unicorn Salt.

Flavor profile: Grape

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Best candy nicotine salt flavors

Like fruit, candy flavors are pretty accurate and enjoyed by vapers across the world. For candy flavors, we usually experience harsher hits when dealing with high nicotine levels. Take a look at the following list of our best selling candy flavors.

Cotton Candy by Mr Salt-E

Cotton Candy salt nicotine vape juice by salt-e

Cotton Candy by Mr Salt-E is high quality and produced with salt-based nicotine, the nicotine impact that you get from these is strong and perfect for anyone trying to kick the habit. Cotton Candy is that light, fluffy, fairy floss that melts in your mouth, it's so incredibly sweet and light that it feels like you are taking a big bite out of a cloud. Shop all products by Mr Salt-E.

Flavor profile: Cotton Candy

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Blue Razz by Salt Factory

Blue Razz salt nicotine vape juice by Salt Factory

Blue Razz by Salt Factory is that raspberry goodness that you have been craving. It will take you down memory lane when you first ripped open that blue raspberry taffy and thought, "how could something taste this good?" Shop all products by Salt Factory.

Flavor profile: Blue Raspberry, Taffy

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Sour Melon by Aqua Salts

Sour Melon salt nicotine vape juice by Aqua Salts

Sour Melon is a candied watermelon infused flavor with notes of sour and sweetness that will have your taste buds in bliss. Instantly receive the sweetness from the candied watermelon on the inhale, but the best is yet to come. Exhale to receive notes of sour candy that balances out the sweetness of the watermelon. Shop all products by Aqua Salts.

Flavor profile: Sour, Watermelon Candy

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Best menthol nicotine salt flavors

Mango Iced by Red's Apple Salt

Red's Mango Iced salt nicotine vape juice

The newest addition to the Red's Apple Salt line, Mango ICED is a menthol mix of Mango and the famous Red's Apple flavor we all know and love. If you don't like menthol, consider Mango instead.

Mango ICED by Red's Apple Salt is a juicy, sweet mango flavor with hints of your favorite apple vape juice and finished with refreshing menthol. Inhale a cool blast of juicy mango nectar goodness, hints of apple juice linger around your taste buds adding a unique taste. Exhale the refreshing blend of menthol, apple juice and sweet mango. We love our tropical Mangos and Guava flavors so definitely give Mango Iced a try. Shop all products by Red's Apple Salt.

Flavor profile: Mango, Apple, Menthol

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Menthol Ice by Mr Salt-E

Menthol Ice salt nicotine vape juice by salt-e

Menthol Ice is a smooth flavor with refreshing hints of ice for an all day vape. Blast your vape taste buds with an arctic chill from the South Pole, ready to delight your clouds with a soothing hit of menthol and refreshing coolness. Settle down amidst a cloud of chilly bursts of the Arctic as they emanate from your lips in cool and refreshing tendrils of winter. Shop all products by Mr Salt-E.

Flavor profile: Menthol

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Grapplemelon Ice by Mr Salt-E

Grapplemelon Ice salt nicotine vape juice by salt-e

Menthol and fruits seem to go together seamlessly. GrappleMelon Ice brings together freshly picked green apples that are crisp, juicy and slightly tart with sweet, ripe watermelon and a splash of chilling menthol that will have your arm hairs standing on end. Shop all products by Mr Salt-E.

Flavor profile: Green Apple, Watermelon, Menthol

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Best tobacco nicotine salt flavors

American Patriot by NKD 100 salt

American Patriot salt nicotine vape juice by NKD 100 salt

American Patriot by NKD100 Salt is a nicotine salt formulation of their American Patriot flavor. It is a full bodied rich tobacco blend with firm, full rounded, and distinct notes that pay homage to the most legendary of tobacco flavors. Shop all products by NKD 100 Salt.

Flavor profile: Tobacco, Caramel, Bourbon

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Creamy Tobacco by Solace Salts

Cream Tobacco salt nicotine vape juice by Solace Salts

This creamy tobacco infused flavor combines rich tobacco flavoring with a delicate creamy aftertaste. Solace Salts has taken the old boring tobacco flavor and elevated it by adding a delicate cream for a creamy tobacco blend. Your taste buds will instantly recognize the old taste of tobacco, but notes of rich cream start to appear exciting your taste buds. Shop all products by Solace Salts.

Flavor profile: Tobacco, Cream

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Best Dessert nicotine salt flavors

Desserts for us is a hit or miss. The good flavors are absolutely amazing all day vapes while a lot of dessert flavors we try don't seem to stick around for long. We enjoy must custards and creams but see the least success with butterscotch and bourbon type of flavors. Also, another possible drawback is dessert flavors are sometimes over sweetened and the flavor will stick in your vape pen even after switching the juice to something else. For the following juices, there is no need to worry as these are our best selling dessert flavors that we can barely keep on our shelves!

Lemon Tart Salt by Dinner Lady

Lemon Tart Salt nicotine vape juice by Dinner Lady

Lemon Tart SALT by Dinner Lady has been one of the most sought-after dessert flavored e juice in the entire vaping industry. Sugared slices of zesty lemon are stuffed in between layers of a warm flaky bed of pie crust will make your taste buds sing! Pucker up and enjoy a sweet and slightly tart flavor in every cloud! Well now Dinner Lady have created their widely loved flavor into a salt formulation that is perfect for low wattage devices! Shop all products by Dinner Lady.

Flavor profile: Lemon tart

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Vanilla Custard by Mr Salt-E

Vanilla Custard salt nicotine vape juice by Salt-E

A classic flavor that marries the creamy texture of custard, and the lighter sweeter notes of vanilla. Mr. Salt-E E-Liquids is a nicotine salt line that offers higher nicotine levels without a harsh throat hit. It's designed specifically for pod devices and other low power devices. Shop all products by Mr Salt-E.

Flavor profile: Custard

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What are nicotine salt e-juices?

Freebase nicotine is the standard type of nicotine that is used in traditional variable voltage box mods and sub ohm tanks. The average nicotine range for freebase vape juices range from 0mg - 12mg. Freebase nicotine juices have been used as long as vaping has been a thing.

Nicotine salt is a form of nicotine found in the leaf tobacco. They allow vapers to get higher concentrations of nicotine without a harsher throat hit. It's common to see nic salt e-liquids juices ranging from 30mg - 50mg as opposed to traditional nicotine e-liquids which range from 0mg - 12mg. This is because nic salt juices contain benzoic acid.

What is benzoic acid?

Benzoic acid is used in all nic salt e-juice. It lowers the pH level and therefore makes the vaping experience smoother. Benzoic acid allows more nicotine to be added. If benzoic acid was not present, it would be impossible to vape a 30mg juice because it would be extremely harsh.

Characteristics of benzoic acid

  • Allows salt nic juice to be vaporized at a lower temperature
  • Lowers the pH level resulting in a smoother hit
  • Allows nicotine salt to be absorbed as easily as freebase nicotine

Freebase nicotine versus nic salt

The main difference between the two types is this: freebase does not contain benzoic acid while nic salt juices do. It's important to distinguish the two as each type is meant for different types of vape devices. This is why both types have extremely different nicotine strengths.

Characteristics of freebase nic:

  • Lower mg range (0mg - 12mg)
  • Used in stronger devices
  • Can produce large clouds

Characteristics of nic salts:

  • Higher mg range (30mg - 50mg)
  • Contains benzoic acid
  • Each hit feels like a cigarette
  • Used in small compact devices
  • Less vapor output

Consider a Vapebox to receive new nic salt juices every month

Vapebox salt nicotine plus box

If you're interested in receiving new e-juices every month, consider a monthly Vapebox subscription. We send out monthly boxes of e-juice and hardware for both freebase nic and salt nic users.

Our Salt Nicotine Vapebox contains at least 90ml of nicotine salt e-juice each month. It costs $35/mo meaning you're paying $11.67 per 30ml!

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Our subscribers take a quiz telling us about their favorite flavors and nicotine preferences. Our expert curators then take a look and pick the best juices each month. To take your quiz, visit our subscribe page. If you want to see real reviews from real customers, check out our reviews page.

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