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Considering a mech mod? Read this first

Posted by Evelyn V. on May 31, 2019

Considering a mech mod? Read this first

Mechanical mods, also known as mech mods, are loved by vapers for the power and quality they can produce. These powerful devices make them the best for cloud chasing and vape tricks. But they can seem intimidating and complex to understand for new vapers. Even an advanced vaper can have trouble fully understanding how to use a mechanical mod.

In this article, we will explore mechanical mods and give you information on how to use them safely so you can start chasing some clouds!

What are mechanical mods?

A mechanical mod is an unregulated vape device that is powered only by a battery. They have no circuit board, which means the batteries keep providing continuous power until it is at the end of its lifespan, no chargers needed. Unlike regulated vape mods, mech mods will keep firing no matter how low the resistance of the coil is. These qualities are what make mech mods an ideal choice for sub-ohm vaping and cloud chasing. For those who don’t know, sub-ohm vaping simply means vaping with a coil that has a resistance lower than 1 ohm.

So mech mods seem pretty simple, right? They are, but what makes them intimidating is that there is no circuit board or safety features. Learning the anatomy and how to use them is crucial to understand to avoid any unwanted accidents.

What are they composed of?

A mech mod is composed of only a few parts, those items include:

  • Housing - The housing is what holds the battery. There are two types of housing: tube form and box form. They are typically composed of metal, but that depends on the vape brand.
  • Battery - Mech mods require one or two batteries. The type of battery needed depends on the mod being used. They usually use: 18650/20700/21700 batteries.
  • Atomizer - Rebuildable drip atomizers (RDA) are the most popular, and safer, choice for mech mods. These atomizer are better to use because vapers can create and use their own coils. Self-constructed coils give users more versatility and can be constructed for that users specific vape needs.

How do they work?

Mechanical vape mods are simple to function. The mod’s casing houses a battery, the battery is positioned to connect with the top cap and bottom cap of the mod. The top is the positive side and the bottom is the negative side. The mod is fired through the push of a button, the bottom cap makes contact with the battery which allows current to flow into the coil. Tube mods have the firing button located on the bottom cap, mechanical box mods typically have it located on the side.

Are mechanical mods right for me?

Mechanical mods can be used by anyone, but they are best for more of an advanced vaper. These types of vape mods are better suited for users that prefer a customized vaping experience, building coils, blowing large clouds, and doing vape tricks.

Mech mods require a lot of work since they are used for a more customized vape experience. These type of vaping devices are not suited for general vapers who just want a smooth and effortless vaping experience. A starter kit is more suitable for general vapers, they usually come with a regulated box mod and a sub-ohm tank or RDA.

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Regulated mods vs. Unregulated

“What is a vape mod?” is the most frequently asked question from newly interested vapers. Vape mods are the device that powers an atomizer to create vapor. There are different types of mods, we’ve discussed mechanical mods which are unregulated mods. So what are regulated mods?

Regulated mods, opposed to mech mods, have a built in circuit board between the battery and the coil that protects the user from over-discharge and short circuits. They are built to detect and sort out issues before they happen. Unregulated mechanical mod vape products are not constructed with these safety features, which is why they are deemed more dangerous.

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Regulated mods are the better option for beginners because of the safety features in place and they are easier to use than an unregulated vaping device. They are also better for people who don't have the time to build coils and just want a smooth vape experience. Regulated mod kits are also less expensive than unregulated mods, and usually include a whole set up minus the e-juice and batteries.

Unregulated mech mod vape products are better for users who prefer a variety of options to customize their vape experience.

How to safely use a mechanical mod

Mech mods are safe to use if the user has proper battery safety knowledge and understanding of ohm's law. Unregulated mods do not have any circuit boards, so the device can become defected if there is any malfunction. Batteries can become defective which causes them to over discharge, misfire, overheat, and potentially explode.

Here are a few tips on how to have a safe vape experience:

  • Use the right batteries! - Understanding what vape batteries are right for your device is crucial. There are many types of batteries, but the two most popular for mech mods are: ICR (LiCo02) and IMR (LiMn). These types of vape batteries can power devices that requires 3.7-volt power source. So before purchasing your unregulated device do some research on what type of power source it requires. ICR and IMR's are comprised differently, and it is important to understand those differences. ICR's stress more easily than IMR's which can lead to combustion. If you choose to get an ICR battery then make sure it is protected to prevent against the battery shorting or over-charging. IMR's are more stable and are known to have less safety issues, so those would be a better choice for mech mod users.
  • Do not overcharge your batteries! - Obviously you want to keep your batteries charged, but it can be dangerous to use batteries that are over-charged. Batteries are needed to be charged up to 4.2 volts and used until the voltage drops to 3.3 volts. So invest in a battery charger that shows you the voltage that way you know when to stop charging the batteries.
  • Check for short wire circuits! - Mechanical mods do not have the precautions that regulated mods do so they still try to fire when the atomizer experiences a short. It's important to check the resistances of the atomizer being purchased to ensure that it is compatible with your mod. For safety purposes make sure your coil builds are set to a standard resistance of 2.4-3.0 ohm to prevent any potential issues.
  • Prevent misfires! - Keep your mod in a secure place, never put it in your pocket or bag. Leaving them in an unsecured place can lead it to accidentally misfire which causes stress to the battery. Regulated mods will stop firing automatically after a few seconds, but mechanical mods do not have this safety feature. So make sure it is in a safe place, the device is locked, or remove the atomizer.

How to find the best mechanical mod for you

If you feel like mechanical mods are the best fit for your vaping needs, then the next step is to find the best mech mod for you! We don't have an exact answer for you, but we can give you a few tips on finding the best mech mods in the market.

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  • High-quality is key. Make sure to search for high end mods and not clones or knockoffs. Since there are safety issues, you want to make sure the mod you are purchasing is authentic and high-quality. Knockoffs and clones can look exactly like an authentic vape brand mod, so always make sure you are either purchasing directly from the manufacturer or from a trusted vape shop. High-quality mods are more expensive, so if the mod you are looking at is heavily discounted then that is a sign that it is not authentic.
  • Choose a vaping device from a trusted brand. Go for mods by brands that are widely known in the vape community. A few brands include: Wismec, Vgod, Smok, Coilart, GeekVape, Vaporesso, Tesla Cigs, and more. Do research on the brand of the mod you are purchasing from and watch reviews to ensure you are purchasing a safe mod.
  • Determine what type of mod you want. There are mechanical tube mods, box mods, squonk mods. Squonk mods are mods with a built-in squeeze bottle used to feed e-liquid to an RDA through the 510-connection so it eliminates the need for dripping. Tube mods are the classic style and usually are made with stainless steel. Some vapers prefer tube mods because they are beautifully crafted, but the firing button is located at the button so that can cause issues if the mod is not stored properly. Box mechanical vapes look like regulated devices, but they are unregulated and only featuring a firing button. The material can range from wood, stainless steel, carbon fiber, etc.

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