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How to Properly Disassemble and Reassemble a Vape Mod

Posted by Johnson on May 13, 2018

Disassemble and reassemble your vape box mods

Even though vape mods are designed with customizability in mind, cleaning them can still be a chore. From the many already built-in parts to the extra technology you add, the little nooks and crannies of your box mod that you need to take care of add up quickly. Fortunately, there are some good tips and ideas that will help you properly disassemble and reassemble your vape mods with no hiccups. This is particularly useful if your vape mod stops working suddenly. Knowing exactly how to disassemble your device and thoroughly examine each part will give you the information on what parts need fixing and on what stopped working.

Box mod firing button

One of the most difficult parts of a mod to take apart is the firing button. This button is usually made up of a few parts. There is the button itself, which needs to be taken off and wiped down. Below that, you'll have a spring, which can also be taken off and scrubbed. In the spring is the actual firing pin, which's what the button depresses when it's clicked.

This segment of your mod tends to get fairly grimy due to finger residue rubbing off on the button every time it's pressed. It's always good to disassemble this part and pay special attention to cleaning it well, as that grime will certainly build up to disgusting levels if not cleaned.

The vape battery

Another important part to know how to properly remove and reattach to your vape device is the vape battery. Of course, the vape battery is an absolutely critical component of your device. This is what gives your device the power to be able to heat up e-liquid to turn into vapor. This is what allows your vaping sessions to be powerful and what allows you to produce those giant clouds of vapor.

But most people don't realize that even batteries need to be regularly checked and even gently cleaned off once in a while. Since batteries are the powerhouses of the devices they are used in, they are subjected to quite a lot of heat transfer. This means that they rapidly heat up and cool down. When any material heats up and cools down, it expands and contracts. Batteries are made of specific materials that minimize this expansion and contraction, but it still occurs in minute amounts. Over time, these small amounts of shift can cause cracks to form. Cracks in batteries are not a good sign, as they can quickly become larger and start to incur on the actual lithium ion segment of the battery.

At this point, the battery must be replaced as it is potentially hazardous. By regularly disassembling your vape and examining your battery, you'll be able to tell whether your battery is a hazard or not. It'll save you time in the long run, as sometimes ordering the correct battery for your vape and waiting for it to ship can take up to a month.

The vape tank and atomizer

The third and definitely not final part that you should definitely know how to disassemble and reassemble is the vape tank and vape atomizer complex. You may already know how to do this if you change your coils often, but it can never hurt to have a reminder. This process can be difficult if done the first time, and may require a decent amount of force. To tear apart the vape tank and vape atomizer, you'll have to attempt to unscrew the vape tank. Usually, there need to be a few other steps included to fully unscrew the vape tank

  1. First, after unscrewing as much as possible, of course - make sure there's no e-liquid left in the tank.
  2. Next, run a tiny screwdriver through the airflow slots and tap around a bit to loosen up the seals. If the tank still isn't budging, then place the whole segment in the freezer to make the seal loosen even more.
  3. Finally, give yourself more grip for the final unscrewing process. Grab a rubber glove or a hand towel that has good grip, and give it a good tug. The tank should come off, and you'll be able to simultaneously clean out the tank and the atomizer.

Though these are not the only parts you can disassemble and reassemble in your vape mod, the sections mentioned above are areas that are generally forgotten or need to be regularly maintained. If you keep up with maintenance and cleaning, your vape and your vaping sessions will thank you. You'll be rewarded with amazing-tasting vapor and huge clouds for as long as your vape kit stays functional.

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