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How To Fix A Clogged Cartridge

Posted by Ryan G. on February 26, 2020

How To Fix A Clogged Cartridge

If you’re someone who vapes oil or concentrates on a regular basis, you’ve likely encountered some clogs here and there.  When a vape cartridge is clogged, it means that there’s no airflow.  This will directly interfere with your cartridge’s ability to produce vapor. Once a clog has occurred, your vaping session is pretty much over until you find a way to fix it.

So, how to unclog a cartridge?  Today, we will be answering that question in full detail by supplying you with all of the tried-and-true methods for dealing with a vape pen that’s clogged.  Whether it’s a wax cartridge that’s clogged or an oil cartridge that’s clogged, we’ll be helping you through the process of fixing it so that you can get back to vaping in no time.  Cleaning your vape regularly is important for safe vaping practices.

What Causes a Clogged Cartridge?

So, why does an oil cartridge or dab cartridge get clogged in the first place?  If your dab pen cartridge has no airflow, this can be due to a wide number of factors.  See, each type of concentrate or oil has its own viscosity level which refers to the thickness of the product.  The higher the viscosity, the more likely it is to clog up your cartridge due to certain changes such as temperature, pressure and even sun exposure.

For one thing, you may find that on colder days, you’re more likely to experience a clog.  This is not a coincidence.  The viscosity of your oil or concentrate can become thicker when the temperature is lower.  Think about what happens when you put syrup in the refrigerator rather than leaving it out at room temperature.  It becomes thicker and slower to pour.  This is exactly what can happen to your vape cartridge.

How Can I Know if My Cartridge is Indeed Clogged?

Of course, before you go about trying to fix your cartridge due to a clog, you need to know that it is indeed clogged in the first place.  So, how can you know whether it’s indeed a clog that you’re dealing with or some other type of issue?  Well, the biggest sign that it’s a clog and not something else is that when you take a pull, the light on the device clearly lights up, but for some reason, there’s no airflow.  This means that the device is working properly, but something is preventing the vapor from entering the mouthpiece.

What to Do About a Clogged Cartridge

Now, let’s talk about what to do if you’re dealing with a clogged cartridge.  The methods below have been shown to work time and time again.

Method #1: Gently Blow into the Mouthpiece

The first thing to try is gently blowing into the mouthpiece.  If the clog is near the top of the mouthpiece, then carefully dislodge whatever is getting in the way.  Try blowing into it about five times being very careful not to use too much force or else you can end up causing a leak in the cartridge.  Then give your device a try.  If you have no luck with this method, move onto the next one.

Method #2: Manually Dislodge Whatever is Clogging the Cartridge

The next method to try is manually dislodging whatever it is that’s clogging the cartridge.  If you have a very small and pointy object like a toothpick, sewing needle, or safety pin, you can easily get into the holes of the mouthpiece in hopes that the clog is somewhere near the top.

Method #3: Use Heat

If all else fails, heat is your friend.  If there’s nothing to dislodge, it could simply be that the viscosity of your concentrate or oil has become too thick.  In this case, use a hairdryer from a couple of feet away to gently and evenly increase the heat level of what’s inside the cartridge.

Keep These Cartridge Tips Handy

While cartridge clogs can be extremely annoying, they’re actually very common due to the nature of the products that we vape.  If you’re dealing with a clog, use the tips above to try to fix it at the root issue.  We suggest trying all three methods before opting for a new cartridge entirely.

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