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Vape tutorials: How to fix Atomizer short and atomizer low warnings

Posted by Evelyn V. on August 8, 2019

Vape tutorials: How to fix Atomizer short and atomizer low warnings

Atomizers are the heart of vaping. Vape pens and mods are the power supply unit and the atomizers are responsible for vaporizing e-liquid. The term atomizer can refer to different things. It can refer to devices containing coils or it's also used to refer to the coil inside the device. 

There are three types of atomizer devices: vape tanksrebuildable drip atomizers (RDA), and rebuildable tank atomizers (RTA). These devices all use a coil that heats up and transforms vape juice into vapor. Coils are measured in ohms, which refers to the resistance amount of a given atomizer. Atomizers with low ohm levels demand more power to function properly. Atomizers can run into problems if the coils are either not built correctly, if your coils are burned out, or if they're not used with the proper device. 

We are here to help you fix the three most common problems with atomizers. We will be going through the common warnings and help you find the best type of atomizer for you!

Common problems with atomizers

There are three common problems vapers have with atomizers. 

The three most common atomizer problems are:

  • Atomizer short warning
  • Atomizer low warning
  • No atomizer found warning

Those are the warnings that will typically pop up when you run into issues with the coil. So what do they mean?

No atomizer sounds exactly as it sounds like. This warning is displayed as "no atomizer" or "check atomizer" and it pops up if the device being used can't read the atomizer. This typically happens because the coil isn't screwed on properly, there's an issue with the 510 connection, defective or bad coil, etc. 

The atomizer low warning means the resistance of coils is too low for the mod being used. 

The atomizer short warning on your mod displays when the coil is causing a short-circuit. This typically occurs when the current of energy is disrupted by something. 

Don't let these issues discourage you from vaping, they can be easily fixed once the problem is diagnosed. 

How to fix "Atomizer short" warnings

As mentioned earlier, an atomizer short warning occurs when there is something disrupting the current of energy. There could be a number of reasons why your device is giving you a short message. If you are using a rebuildable atomizer then your coil could be touching an unintended area like the deck or cap of the casing. If you are using a tank with a pre-built coil then the coil can either be defective or it could be loose. It can also be an issue with the vape batteries. 

Main causes of Atomizer short warnings:

  • Defective batteries
  • A coil in atomizer is making unnecessary contact
  • Defective replacement coil in the tank
  • A corrupt variable wattage box mod

The first thing to do is to identify the cause of the issue. So we advise checking the batteries and coil to see which one is causing the short-circuit. 

To check if the batteries are the issue remove the batteries and place them on an external battery charger. Doing this will help you figure out whether the batteries are in working condition. If you do not have an external charger, then you will need to rely on your vape mod to identify the issue with your atomizer. If the batteries are the issue then either find the right coil resistance for the batteries (if they are not defective) and device being used or get a new pair of batteries. 

Once the batteries are checked then it is time to check the coil. For rebuildable atty's make sure the coil is not touching the cap or deck and that there are no breaks in your coil. If this is the issue then rebuild the coil so it has no breaks.

Also, make sure it's the right size so it's not touching the cap or deck. If that is not the issue then we advise to unscrew the coils and re-screw it on tightly and make sure the post screws are screwed tight to the coils. 

If you are using a vape tank with pre-built coils then check to make sure that the coil's base is connecting to your tank base. Pull the base of the coil out slight then reassemble the tank and make sure the coil is on tight. If the coil is on tightly and still reading atomizer short then you might have a bad coil. Sometimes there could be one or two bad/defective coils so try using a new coil from the pack to see if that is the issue. 

blockquote An Atomizer short is tricky because the source of the problem can be the batteries, mod, or atomizer. Use our checklist to check each element individually until you find out what's wrong.

Checklist for fixing an "Atomizer short" warning

How to fix an "Atomizer short" warning:

  1. Place batteries on an external charger to ensure they're both charging properly
  2. For rebuildable atomizer users (RDA/RTA), make sure the coil is not touching the cap or deck and contains no breaks in your coil
  3. For tank users, make sure the coil is properly screwed in. Try other replacement coils from the same pack to see if that's the issue
  4. If none of the above are the issue, try using a different mod with the same atomizer.

If you are still getting an atomizer short message after trying all these steps then we suggest grabbing another atty you have on hand and testing it on your mod. Make sure the atty you use is one you know that works. If it still reads atomizer short then it is safe to assume that the mod is the issue. If it is the mod then we suggest contacting the manufacturer of the product for a possible replacement.

How to fix "Atomizer Low" warnings

An atomizer low warning usually means the resistance of the atomizer is smaller than the lowest resistance of the device. Basically, the coil and the mod are not compatible, so we will give you an example of this.

Let's say you have an Eleaf 30w iStick mod and you want to use a Smok TFV8 tank with it. The coil included with the Smok tank is a 0.25ohm coil and the Eleaf 30w mod is rated to read a coil resistance no lower than 0.4ohm. The coil is too low in resistance in the mod thus displaying the "atomizer low" message. 

blockquote An atomizer low warning means that the device does not support the atomizer's resistance. This means that your atomizer's resistance is too low and is thus not compatible with your mod. Double-check to make sure everything is screwed in properly. If that fails, you will need a new mod or atomizer.

Checklist for fixing an "Atomizer low" warning

How to fix an "Atomizer low "warning

  1. Disconnect atomizer from mod
  2. If you are using a tank, open up the tank so you can see the coil. Make sure the coil is fully screwed into the base of the tank.
  3. If you are using a rebuildable atomizer (RDA), make sure the positive and negative posts are screwed in. A poorly built coil can sometimes trigger the atomizer low warning.
  4. Reconnect the mod and try again. If you are still receiving the warning, you must find a new mod that can support your atomizer or find a different atomizer that's compatible with your mod.

You have two options. Option number one is to switch to another tank or rebuildable atomizer with a compatible resistance.

Option number two for rebuildable users is to rebuild the coil to the appropriate resistance for the device. Option number two for tank users is to purchase replacement coils with a compatible resistance for your mod. 

If the resistance of the coil is compatible with your mod then it could be that the coil is seated loosely, defective coil, or a faulty 510 connection. So always make sure your coil is seated and screwed in tight and if it's a bad coil then replace it.

How to fix "No Atomizer Found" warnings

There are two main reasons for a no atomizer warning. If the warning is still there after trying to fix it then it could be an issue with the mod being used.

A "no atomizer" warning almost always means the coil being used is dead or loosely seated. First make sure the coil is tightly screwed in, if the warning is still displayed then replace the coil completely. 

If the coil is not the issue then it could be a faulty 510 connection due to excess gunk/build up on the connection points of your tank and mod. Or it could be an out of balance center pin on your mod. 

blockquote Most "No atomizer found" warnings come from loose coils or faulty 510 pins. This warning simply means that a full connection is not being made and something is loose. If neither of the tips above work, then the coil itself may be faulty.

Checklist for fixing a "No atomizer found" warning

How to fix a "No atomizer found" warning:

  1. Disconnect atomizer from the mod
  2. If you're using a tank, make sure the coil in your atomizer is tightened completely. A loose coil can cause a faulty connection
  3. Check the 510 connection on your atomizer. This is the pin that connects the atomizer into the mod. Clean the threading of both the mod and the atomizer with a q-tip or paper towel.
  4. Make sure the 510 connection is protruding enough to make contact with your mod when screwed in. Sometimes the 510 connection pin is slightly out of reach thus resulting in no connection.

The first thing to do is clean your tank and mods 510 thread area carefully by using a q-tip or paper towel. Make sure there is no excess gunk and build up around the 510 connection area. Then make sure the center pin on your device is close to the outside area to make a good connection with the thread of the tank.

Reconnect the device and tank after the 510 connection area is clean and the center pin is fixed.

Choosing the best atomizer for your mod

Atomizer problems are quite common and can be quite annoying to deal with. Vapes have a learning curve but provide so much value once you get everything set up properly. We recommend starting by finding a mod that you like and that will last a long time. Finally, begin adding different atomizers to your collection as needed.

Consider vape tanks if you want a hassle free vape

If you are new to vaping then we highly suggest using a sub-ohm tank as your atomizer. They are easy to use and use pre-built coils that come in various resistance options so you can select the right one for your mod. You will rarely run into short-circuit issues with tanks. If you do, just remember to follow the tips we highlighted! 

Consider RDAs or RTAs if you build your own coils

For more advanced vapers who like a personalized vape experience, we suggest atty's like RDAS or RTAS. They are rebuildable atomizers that include a build deck which allows vapers to build their own coils and customize their preferred resistance. The main difference between the two is the juice well. RTA's are similar to tanks, they include a big juice well so the user doesn't constantly drip e-juice like with RDA's. Atomizer warnings are more common with rebuildable atty's, but they can be easily fixed with the tips we have highlighted for you!

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