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Top 10 Pod Systems To Use In 2020

Posted by Ryan G. on January 24, 2020

Top 10 Pod Systems To Use In 2020

Now that we’re settling into the new year, it’s time to talk pod systems. Last year was a wild ride for pod mod enthusiasts as companies were in a race to deliver the most technologically advanced, reliable and visually stunning pod systems to hit the market. This year, we’re already seeing top hardware manufacturers release absolutely exceptional pod mod setups that blow everything else out of the water.

Our top 10 pod systems for 2020

If you’re in the market for a new pod mod kit, you’re in for a treat. With so many amazing systems to appear over the last few months, we’ve been able to compile a comprehensive list of the ten best ones that we’ve come across. These ten pod systems below are your best options for enjoying your vaping lifestyle on a whole new level in 2020.

#10: Nord Pod Starter Kit

Last year was a big one for SMOK, one of the leading vape hardware brands in the world. If there’s one kit they introduced that’s still alive in kicking in 2020, it’s the Nord Pod Starter Kit. So, what’s so great about this pod kit? Well, for one thing, it features a massively powerful integrated 1100mAh battery. Plus, it’s got a 3ml e-liquid capacity, which is considered very large by pod mod standards. And, the visual design is irresistible, boasting a curved chassis that isn’t just luxurious aesthetically speaking, but also very ergonomic. Even better, it includes two coils: one for sub-ohm vaping and one for MTL vaping.

#9: Orion DNA GO Mod

Lost Vape’s Orion DNA GO Mod was a huge success in 2019, and we’re sure that it will still be a top-seller throughout the year to come. Visually stunning and technologically enthralling, this kit is a great choice for the pod mod enthusiast. It can reach 40 watts, boasting an internal 950mAh battery. Variable wattage control, boost functionality, and a replay setting are just some of this kit’s highly innovative functions. The refillable cartridge can contain 2 milliliters of vape juice, and the kit is equipped with loads of safety features.

#8: AVP AIO Kit

Last year, Aspire slowly rose to the top of the vape hardware game with a plethora of highly advanced and truly innovative pod systems. With the AVP AIO Kit, it’s clear that they’re not planning on slowing down any time soon. This stunning vaping system has both brains and beauty, with an absolutely gorgeous and unique ergonomic design, as well as unique and enticing features. Powered by a built-in 700mAh battery, the AVP is a draw-activated kit that features adjustable wattage controls. It also boasts a bypass mode as well as antileak technology. The accompanying pod cartridge can hold two milliliters of vape juice and features a 1.2ohm coil.

#7: Trinity Alpha Pod System

SMOK knows how to make very advanced technology as user-friendly as possible, and this has never been more apparent than with the Trinity Alpha Pod System. This kit allows for a nice range of output modes that are easily selected using the very simple technological interface. The output range is 6 to 30 watts, and the kit features a firing button that doubles as a power button. The pod cartridge can hold a whopping 2.8 milliliters of e-liquid and comes with a drip tip that instantly improves flavor and cloud production. It’s also compatible with SMOK’s Nord coil design.

#6: Caliburn Pod Device

Uwell’s Caliburn Pod Device is quickly becoming a sensation among pod mod users thanks to its highly reliable interface and exceptional features, not to mention its sturdy construction. This pocket-friendly kit is unbelievably slim, yet adequately powerful. An integrated 520mAh battery allows this kit to operate at 11 watts. Features include a dual firing mechanism and the brand’s legendary Pro-FCOS Flavor Testing Technology for a richer, cleaner and smoother flavor.

#5: Drag Nano Pod Kit

VooPoo has become a highly celebrated company that has earned a reputation for launching one phenomenal vaping system after another. Their Drag Nano Pod Kit won the hearts of pod mod vapers, and we know its success will continue in the year to come. The 750mAh battery that’s built into the kit is plenty powerful, and the GENE.Fit Chipset ensures precision, reliability and flawless functionality. This kit was specially designed to make your vape juice taste richer, cleaner and more complex than you thought possible. 

#4: Zing Pod System Starter Kit

The Zing Pod System Starter Kit from IPHA is a sophisticated little setup that’s extremely portable and visually sensational. Its design is highly unique to say the least, doing away with cluttered design elements and complicated features. It boasts a 350mAh battery, a bottom-filling design and a 2ml refillable cartridge for salt nic e-liquids. Additionally, it offers an innovative anti-dry hit function. Basically, it’s simplicity at its very highest level.

#3: Suorin Air Plus Pod System

Given Suorin’s stellar output in 2019, we can’t wait to see what the brand has in store for the new year. But we also expect that the Suorin Air Plus Pod System will continue to be extremely successful throughout 2020. You really can’t go wrong with this kit if you’re all about that salt nic life. The 930mAh battery ensures long vaping sessions and plenty of power, while the 3.2ml capacity is remarkable. This kit allows you to conveniently choose between salt nic and freebase nic e-liquids thanks to two different resistance levels. It’s also got a sleek and sophisticated visual design that’s very hard to resist. 

#2: Lyra Pod Kit

The Lyra Pod Kit is one of the most luxurious-looking systems that we’ve seen, boasting a highly modern, sleek and streamlined design. This kit is about a lot more than looks, however. Lost Vape has delivered a super portable system that packs a punch. For one thing, it contains a 1000mAh battery and allows users to switch between a variety of power modes. It also features a 2ml capacity and allows users to enjoy both MTL and DL vaping styles. The maximum output is 20 watts, which is perfect for a device of this size.

#1: VINCI Mod Pod

The VINCI Pod Mod from VooPoo is one of the most advanced vaping systems we’ve ever seen, period. Borrowing much of its technological features from box mod setups, this kit gives vapers the best of both worlds. It’s as customizable and reliable as most sub-ohm systems that we’re used to, but it’s extremely portable and compatible with salt nic vape juice. The VINCI boasts a remarkable 1500mAh integrated battery and features a display screen that lets you try out a wide range of adjustable settings. Additional features include a Puff Curve mode for keeping track of your vaping habits, as well as a coil recognition system and the ability to switch seamlessly between MTL and DL vaping.


Unique and Innovative in Their Own Ways

No matter which one you choose, we know that you’ll be satisfied with the highly advanced technology and design elements that they have to offer. Thoroughly read through each description in order to select the one that best suits your vaping needs.

Whichever choice you make, be sure to clean your pod mod regularly and practice safe vaping habits.

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