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Which Coil Works Best For Salt Nic E-Liquid

Posted by Ryan G. on January 15, 2020

Which Coil Works Best For Salt Nic E-Liquid

When salt nic first arrived on the vaping market, the only way to enjoy it was with a closed pod system that utilized a pod cartridge pre-filled with e-liquid, and already containing a coil that was built into the cartridge’s interior. This made it easy for vapers who didn’t want to be bothered to figure out which type of coil to use with their vaping setup. After all, those who were used to sub-ohm vaping systems knew that they had to put a lot of effort into figuring out the best coil to use for their various configurations.

However, a lot of vapers do enjoy being able to choose from a variety of coils, as different coil configurations can provide dramatically different results in terms of one’s vaping experience. Luckily for those people, the salt nic industry has evolved in a way that allows users to explore different coils for their systems. 

If you are a salt nic user who uses a vaping system that allows you to select from different coils, this article is for you. We’ll be talking about the relationship between salt-based nicotine and coils so that you can figure out which coils will work best for your salt nic experience.

The Higher the Salt Nic Concentration, the Higher the Resistance Level Should Be

First, let’s discuss the rule of thumb when it comes to choosing your resistance level for salt-based nicotine. Due to the chemical properties of salt-based nicotine, you can’t use the same coils that you used with your freebase nic vape juices. Salt nic vape juice intended for pod mod usage comes in high concentrations, with most salt nic e-liquids typically containing 50mg of salt-based nicotine. If you were to use a coil with a very low resistance level while vaping a 50mg salt nic e-liquid, you’d end up with a very harsh sensation on the throat, not to mention a burnt taste. 

Basically, as a rule of thumb, the higher the salt nic strength, the higher your resistance level should be. Most pod mod vapers find that somewhere between 1.0 and 1.4 ohms is the sweet spot when it comes to 50mg salt nic e-liquids. In most cases, anything lower will result in a burnt taste and harsh sensation, and anything higher will produce very little vapor, not to mention a weak nicotine hit.

Now, let’s quickly talk about the coil’s material. We’ve found that pod mod enthusiasts really enjoy ceramic coils as they seem to add to the smoothness of their salt nic e-liquid. Some manufacturers make mesh coils that can be used with salt nic e-liquids in pod mod systems, but most vapers agree that more often than not, mesh coils cause the salt-based nicotine to feel quite harsh. This is because mesh increases the heating surface area, which can actually burn the nicotine compounds.

Sub-Ohm Salts and Sub-Ohm Coils

We also have to point out that now, vapers can utilize sub-ohm salts with their sub-ohm devices. Sub-ohm salts are e-liquids containing salt-based nicotine that can be used with sub-ohm devices. The way this works is the salt nic concentrations are far lower than what pod mod users are used to, and so the high wattage levels don’t burn the vape juice. With this type of e-liquid, users can continue enjoying their sub-ohm coils.

Time to Now Figure out Which Type of Coil Works Best for You

As you can see, the world of salt-based nicotine has evolved in a way that allows users to explore a decent range of coil configurations. Choosing the proper coil and nicotine strength for your unique salt nic setup is key to having a pleasurable vaping experience.

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