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Vape Tastes Burnt? Here Are 4 Reasons Why

Posted by Evelyn V. on August 30, 2019

Vape Tastes Burnt? Here Are 4 Reasons Why

Vaping has quickly made a name for itself as a smoking alternative. This is because vaping is better than smoking because of it's known ingredients list and because it contains less nicotine than traditional cigs.

Everyone has experienced a burnt vape taste, and if you haven't then you are one of the lucky ones. The burnt taste affects your throat and all the way down to your lungs. This can cause you to cough or even choke. The first thing you need to do is stop vaping and take a few steps to diagnose what's causing it. We will be covering the four common reasons your vape is emitting a burnt taste and give you tips on how to stop this from happening for good!

What are burnt hits?

Burnt hits happen when you are vaping and it emits a burnt taste after taking a draw. This happens when the cotton inside the atomizer coil has dried out and burnt when it was heated. This can happen after vaping with the same coil for a long period of time or even after the first puff using a fresh coil. We will be giving you information on how to tell if your coil is burnt and how to get rid of the burnt taste in a vape.

4 reasons why your vape tastes burnt

You may have asked yourself at one point, "why does my vape taste burnt?" Burnt hits are caused by:

  1. Chain vaping
  2. High wattages
  3. Not priming new coils
  4. Vape juice is too thick (tank users)

Blockquote To summarize, burnt hits happen when you heat up dry cotton. All four reasons listed above are all different ways you can accidentally take a dry hit.

1. Chain vaping

Chain vaping refers to vaping puff after puff with rarely any breaks in between. This is one of the most common reasons that causes a burnt coil. Experienced and new vapers have all experienced chain vaping especially after filling up their vape tank with a new, tasty e-liquid.

Chain vaping can damage your coil because when you vape continuously it pulls the e-juice from the cotton directly touching the first coil. Then if you continue vaping it doesn't allow the e-juice to flow back in the cotton in time causing burnt cotton and dry hits. Dry hits occur when the coil is burnt out.

Tips to stop chain vaping

If you want to avoid burnt hits then ease up on the fire button! We advise to take breaks (15-30 seconds) in between vaping and check your cotton periodically so you know when to refill your RDA or vape tank.

For people who use e-cigarettes to satisfy their nicotine craving then trying to quit chain vaping can be difficult. We advise you to try to switch to higher nicotine e-liquid. Increasing the nicotine will help you stop puffing repeatedly because you'll have more satisfying nicotine hits. Pod systems like the JUUL come in higher nicotine content (50mg) and prevent you from vaping repeatedly. Another thing you can do is switch to e-juices that have a higher PG content. High PG juices, as opposed to high VG e-liquids, provide a more satisfying throat hit.

2. High Wattages

Vaping at a higher wattage range can damage your coils. For those using a vape tank, make sure you are using the appropriate coils for your wattage preferences. If you love vaping over 100W then make sure the coil resistance is for that wattage range! Exceeding the recommended power will cause the coil head to burn more quickly.

High power vaping makes the coil burn too hot, way too fast. This leads to dry cotton and a dry hit vape. To avoid this from happening make sure you are not exceeding the recommended power for your coil. If you enjoy high power vaping then opt for rebuildable atomizers opposed to tanks. RDA's allow the user to refill and drench their coil and wick easily.

3. Not priming new coils

Have you ever experienced a dry hit or burnt taste after using a new coil? Well if you haven't, it is not a pleasant experience. Some vapers are quick to blame it on a bad coil. Most of the time is because they haven't primed the coil properly before vaping.

New vapers may not be familiar with this, but we will briefly explain coil priming. Priming a new coil refers to wetting the entire wick and coil with e-liquid and letting it sit for around 5-10 minutes. Allowing the e-juice to sit on the coil will ensure that the e-juice is evenly distributed and saturating the wick.

Read our full coil priming guide if you need help priming your new vape coils.

If you want a pleasant vape experience then remember to prime your fresh coil for the proper amount of time!

4. Vape juice is too thick (tank users)

The ingredients in your e-liquid matters! E-juices with a high VG content or with added sweeteners can cause coils to gunk up and burn quick. High VG juices are thicker which makes it more difficult for the coil wick to absorb. High VG e-liquids are perfectly fine for rebuildable atomizers, but they can cause issues for sub-ohm tanks.

The atomizer holes on tanks are found at the bottom of the coil head and sometimes the holes are too small in diameter. This causes thicker juices to have a hard time wicking the coils. We recommend using e-liquids with a VG content before 70% or buying a sub-ohm tank with bigger holes on the atomizer.

Here are some of our favorite tanks with thicker holes:

  • Fireluke Mesh Tank by Freemax - This tank has adjustable airflow and Mesh Coils that employ mesh wires for a bigger surface area which provides great flavor and longer-lasting coils.
  • Falcon King Tank by Horizon Tech - The Falcon King tank utilizes mesh coils with bamboo fiber. Bamboo fiber provides better flavor and longer coil lifespan.
  • Crown 4 Tank by Uwell - Uwell patented the first-ever self-cleaning technology. Crown 4 atomizers can absorb e-liquid in the condensation holder through regular usage and vaporize it. Their mesh coils also have a large heating space that allows the atomizer to heat evenly.

How often should you change coils

The style of vaping determines how often you need to change your coils. It also varies on the device, but typically vaporizer coils last for about 2-3 weeks. If you chain vape often, consider changing your coils every 1-2 weeks. High power and chain vapers need to change their coils weekly because of how fast they get burnt. For these types of vapors, switch your coil once a week to avoid burnt vape taste. Other casual vapers can make their coils last for up to three weeks!

Changing your coil depends on your vaping experience and the type of device being used. Just remember to swap the coil out once your e-juice flavor starts tasted muted or burnt.

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